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How to Plan Your New Year’s Website With Your Web Development Team

The New Year is fast approaching, and in Seattle, that often means businesses get productive by starting plans for the new year, and often, redesigning or launching their online websites. If you’re planning a new website, then you need a web development team, and hopefully a local one based right in Seattle. However, you still need plans of your own, and here’s how to get started.


How to Get Started: Creating Ideas

If you’ve already found a local Seattle web development team to get started with, they will likely help you off with a kickoff meeting. However, you should have a list of ideas, wants, needs, and preferences when you go in. Much like if you were building an extension on your house or having a company renovate your kitchen, your web design team has to know what you want, why you want it, and what features you need. If they’re developing blind, they likely won’t even come close to what you need. A good start is finding websites that have a similar look and feel to what you want, writing down a list of features, why you need those features, a timeline (when you have to launch), color palette, business branding, and preferred style. You can use this information to get a quote, so you can find and choose a great local web developer.

For the Web Developers: Needs Assessment

At the same time, your web developers should be performing a needs assessment on your business. They will likely ask you questions, check your business, and decide what you need. This should involve demographic assessment, competitor overview, product and size assessment, and a search optimization assessment if your website is currently online and they also handle SEO.

The Kickstart Meeting

Once you both have notes, you’ll both get together (in person if you have a local Seattle team) and discuss your ideas, exchange notes, create new ideas, and look at concepts or themes. Most of the time the web developers will go over your preferred features and discuss them with you, decide which ones you really need, and point out if you missed anything. You’ll discuss style, and choose a website that works well with your user demographic, your business branding and style, and your personal preference.

Here, you will make most of the final decisions on ideas, but there are still a few more steps. Once you’ve approved the initial planning, you’ll still have to go through and approve mockups and wireframes for your site before they’re brought to life. You may also have to chose hosting, security features, and items like whether or not you want a blog or a comment system.

From there, all you have to do is wait to see your website for approval.

Why Is It important to Plan?

Taking the time to create a plan, strategize when and where you want to launch, and deciding on exact features and styles in advance can seem like a headache, but it will save you a lot of time and hassle in the future. It also makes the web developers job easier, as they won’t have to guess what you want or when you want it.

Are you planning to launch a new website or website redesign in 2016? Contact Rory Martin, a local Seattle web development team, for a quote, and we’ll get you started with your planning.

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