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How Seattle Businesses Can Use Pinterest For Marketing – Seattle Social Media Marketing

Pinterest is one of the most popular websites in the world, and in fact, ranks #3 for most used social media sites. While that is bound to change, as usage frequently fluctuates for social media, it is still something to consider when you get started with your social media campaign. For Seattle users, deciding whether or not to use Pinterest as part of your social marketing campaign should depend on your target demographic and primary consumer base, as Pinterest has several sets of very specific types of users. Knowing who to market to, how to do it, and how to use the platform can help you with boosting your visibility on the web, increasing sales, and creating positive ROI from your time spent on the platform.

Target Your Demographic

Knowing who you are creating pins for can help you with creating successful¬†imagery, boards, and ideas to market to them. Identify your target demographic, find out what they share, what they like, and what they love, and then integrate yourself into that niche. Simply pinning photos of your products is rarely enough, unless you’re running a bakery or a nice restaurant. Find out how to market your products with attractive imagery before you attempt the platform.

Create Sales Not Memes

While you could spend your time pinning funny photos and memes, you can also use Pinterest’s for business function. Businesses can now place “buy”, links back to their website, and prices directly on the pin. This allows you to create style shoots for products, pin them, and then create direct ROI as pinners who want the item visit your site. If you add in a small discount code on your website, you can boost chances of converting them even further.

Use Group Boards

Group boards should be used with caution, but they should still be used. The first thing to watch out for is that you don’t want to waste your time on a group board that primarily has other businesses sharing on it. They won’t buy anything and you won’t gain anything but fake hype from it. Instead, look for currently active boards that people are pinning from your niche into. You want groups with at least several hundred users. You also want to make sure that all of your pins are highly relevant to the board.

Promote Yourself Locally

Most people aren’t aware that promoting yourself locally can help you with sales, but if you have a Seattle business, then you want to say that to your demographic. Whether you’re creating boards with names like “Seattle bakery” or a board with imagery from the street your business is on, you can get involved with the local online scene from your area, which will, in turn, help to boost local, offline sales.

Use Boards and Pins in Blogs

Pinterest allows you to share and embed boards as well as pins, which allows you the unique opportunity to cross promote your blogs and your boards on each platform. Pinning images from your blog and then putting them directly in your blog post allows you to create a “pin it to read later’ function, so that users can pin your blog photo, and then get the link from the pin. You can also put Pinterest boards directly in your blog posts for cross promoting and growing your Pinterest.

If you have a Seattle social media marketer, they can help you with identifying your demographic, creating a marketing plan, and then implementing it to create ROI for your business. If you want to know how it works, contact Rory Martin for more information.

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