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Is A Seattle Social Media Management Company a Good Investment For You?

If you’re thinking about hiring a social media manager or management company, there are more than a few things to consider. While social media marketing can be hugely beneficial to most businesses, especially in Seattle, where millennials and a variety of tech companies make new tech even more popular, a social media management company might not be right for you. We’ll cover the options, alternatives, and different types of management, so you can decide if hiring a Seattle social media management company is right for you.

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What Are Your Options for Social Media Management

There are three main options for social media management in the Seattle area. The first is managing your social media account yourself, or having a friend or family member do it for you. This can be cost effective, but time consuming, and might not be as professional as you might like. The second option is hiring a professional social media management company to take the workload for you. This allows you to take care of professional social media management without investing in a full time employee. A full time in-house social media manager is the most expensive, but allows you to get in-depth social media management and marketing from a single person, who is only doing one thing.

When Is the Social Media Management Company the Best Option?

Although it does depend on the size of your business, a social media management company is probably one of your best options. Unless you have a very large business, you probably don’t have the budget or the workload for a full time manager, you probably also don’t have the time to manage a social media marketing program yourself, and most people don’t have the expertise to do so successfully. In either of these cases, a social media management company is your best option. Companies are also great for bringing in for short term work, such as campaigns for a product release.

Are Social Media Managers Worth the Money?

Depending on your budget, your social media manager, and your products, a social media manager may or may not be the best fit for your business. For this reason, it is always a good idea to evaluate your products, consider whether or not they will sell via social media, and then ask questions. Most local Seattle social media management companies can help you with creating a plan designed to sell your products and generate ROI, but sometimes, you also aim for long-term ROI, where you create a return on investment over time, by building a loyal customer base first. A good social media manager will discuss your goals with you beforehand, and tell you whether or not they are achievable.
If you’re curious about whether a social media management company is right for your business, consider contacting Rory Martin to ask about our products and services, or check out our whitepapers to see how we’ve helped local Seattle businesses make money.

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