Blogging & SEO: Do the Two Really Have to Go Together?

If you’re looking into SEO for your local Seattle business then you have no doubt been told to start a blog. Search engine optimization and blogging seem to go hand in hand no matter where you turn, but why? Do you really need a blog? And if so, what does it actually do for your localized SEO? Chances are that as a business owner, blogging might not be your forte’ and you might not know where to start. Fortunately there are plenty of bloggers out there who can help you with your SEO, so all you need is to know why you need them.

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Good Content Means Traffic

If you write it, they will come. Content, especially high quality unique content that serves a purpose, is going to get traffic. If you have a booming social and like to share content, you’ll get even more traffic. Traffic to a blog means traffic to your website which eventually turns into exposure to your merchandise. Most importantly, if you write about your products and services correctly, you will attract people who are actually looking for those services. So if you sell hair accessories for women you could blog about how to wear your hair to a formal occasion or ten casual hairstyles that make you look fabulous. A restaurant could blog about nightlife in Seattle, almost anything about food, what to wear eating out, or similar. In either case, the blog would attract people who are looking for the product or service offered, which means that each visitor has the potential to become a customer.

Increased Keyword Density & Long Tails

In order for your site to not come off as spam, you have to take it easy on the keywords on your actual pages. You can’t keyword stuff if you want to show up in search for anything, so how do you increase the density and value of your pages? Actually writing about those same keywords via a blog can help a great deal. You can actually increase the value of the keyword for your site by mentioning it more across more blogs, meaning that you get the same density without keyword stuffing. You can use the same ideas for inserting long tail versions of your keywords as well so that you get an SEO friendly website.

Google Loves Blogs

You can’t combine the words search, engine, and optimization without Google coming to mind and rightly so. Google controls some 70% of search (at least). In order to come up in search, Google has to like you and one aspect of that can be blogging. While there are other ways to enhance your SEO, nothing says search friendly quite like content, and blogs are all about content. A good blog will also increase visitor interaction on your site, which also sends positive signals to Google.

So what are the rules? Always write original content, keep your grammar high quality, and make sure any facts in your posts are true. While you can write in any style you like, you should find something that you are comfortable with, and that reflects the style and tone of your business.

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