Building a Better Keyword Strategy

We were reading SEOmoz’s 6 Keyword Research Mistakes post this morning, and since we love visual cues when it comes to Search Engine Optimization, we thought we should show off this Keyword Matrix from Skyrocket.

keyword matrix

SEOmoz identifies the keyword categories in their post:

  • Question marks – these are keywords in areas where growth is likely but at present you’re not getting the performance you’d expect. These are very often untapped keyword opportunities and you should plan how you are going to improve performance on these kinds of keywords.
  • Stars – high-performance keywords and loads of room for growth – find ways to capitalise on growth. My advice is to focus your resources of gaining results in these areas for maximum ROI in a short period of time.
  • Dogs – the poor performing keywords with little or no chance of growth – bin these in favour of other keywords, reallocate any resources to other areas.
  • Cash cows – the high performing keywords that show little opportunity for growth – look for ways to enhance and maintain performance whilst identifying patterns and translating this learning to other areas or verticals

We found this little matrix helpful in determining which keywords to optimize, pairing it with Google’s Keyword Research tool.  For more on how to generate great keywords, check out our post on choosing better keywords.  Keywords play a large role in search engine optimization, and are a key factor in social media marketing.   Having the right combination of keywords will generate hits, increase traffic and drive sales.

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