How to Choose a Seattle SEO Company

If you’re in need of SEO help then you’ve probably noticed the literally dozens of SEO companies in the area. Choosing just one Seattle SEO company might be difficult, but there are a lot of factors that you can consider to narrow your selection. Here are a couple of factors that go into a great SEO company.

Seattle SEO company.

A Portfolio 

First, your Seattle SEO company needs a portfolio. Looking for a portfolio is probably the easiest way to root through the weeds to come up with the good companies. Companies with portfolios have experience, have had success in the past, and have work that they are proud enough of to show off. Of course, you could also invest your time and money in a company with no portfolio, but with nothing to show; you don’t really have any guarantee of success.

Multi-Dimensional Services

There are three basic types of SEO including on-site, technical, and off-site. You want any SEO company or specialist that works with you to understand and work with all three. On-site SEO is usually your web content, the keywords on your pages, and your content structure. Technical includes any website issues that affect how bots crawl your pages. Off-site SEO is link and reputation building that can affect traffic to your site. Your SEO should understand all three of these concepts, and likely social media as well. Essentially, you want a well-rounded company that really knows what they are doing.

Communication Skills

You cannot do business with someone who does not communicate. Hiring a local Seattle SEO company can help with this, especially if you are able to meet in person. If you choose to work online, they should still be able to communicate effectively with you. Without communication you likely won’t get progress updates, and you might even find out that what they are working on isn’t quite your strategy. Make sure you find a company that can talk to and understand you in order to meet your needs and goals.


Does the SEO company offer results? While SEO, like marketing, offers no 100% guaranteed results, you can look for past success to see if they offer results. Look up ‘Seattle SEO Company’ or similar to see if they rank somewhere within the first few pages. If not, who really wants to hire an SEO company that doesn’t rank? You can also look at studies, statistics, and look up former or current clients of the company to see what they have done with other clients.

Complementing Services

It might not sound important but SEO is becoming one of a group of services. SEO and social media are very close together in importance, so you might want to consider looking for a company that offers both services. Hiring an SEO who understands social allows you to create content directed to social. You can also consider that an SEO who understands web design is more likely to be able to work with any technical issues with your SEO.

There are plenty of Seattle SEO companies, but only a few of the best. Do your research and find a company that offers great services!



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