Is Your SEO Still on Track with Google?

SEO is a rapidly changing business for international and local Seattle industries. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines are constantly updating their policies, but Google, which controls more than 70% of traffic, updates most of all. If you haven’t been keeping up with Google’s SEO trends your website might not be on track, which means that you could begin to see your ranking and your traffic drop whenever your website is scanned! Check your Seattle SEO against these recent SEO changes to make sure you are headed in the right direction.

Images No Longer Help With SEO

In the first month of 2013, many website owners saw their traffic soar as Google’s new image search policies directed more and more visitors to properly tagged images. As a result, many SEOs began using targeted photos as a form of SEO. Now, Google has changed their image policy so that the searcher does not actually have to visit your website to get the full size image. This change took place during first week in February and it’s definitely a game changer. While you can still benefit from having keywords as your image title and alt tags, it probably will not increase your SEO.

What about Headers?

Headers are great to include in your blog because they help organize it (and Google loves organization), but they don’t help with your SEO very much. The old rule of putting one keyword in the title and one in a subtitle no longer works because Google isn’t really paying attention. Using the right keywords in your content lets Google know what it is you are talking about without using it in a header. Importantly, your title should include your keyword or a variation of your keyword. However, this is for the readers benefit, not Google’s.

How is Your Social Doing?

If you really want to dominate Google in today’s market, you have to pay attention to your social. New updates are placing even more focus on social responders including how much, and how quickly, you get social shares and likes. While a good post doesn’t necessarily need a lot of attention from social to come up in search, it does help if you have a competitive keyword. Look around, check anyone competing for your Seattle SEO keywords and see how they are doing. If their SEO is as good as yours and you are doing worse than they are, the answer is likely in social. Similarly, if you aren’t participating in Google’s Authorship program, you might want to start because it makes your post larger in search and can help you to get more prominent positions once you start to build your author rank.


You might already know this but now, more than ever, a surge of artificial backlinks can kill your ranking. Google has caught on to spam techniques like automatic link building, link submission, and even mass guest posting on low PR blogs. Now if you want your backlinks to be beneficial to your site, they must publish quality content, not have a history of spam, and usually be at least PR2 or hire. While there are a lot of variables, the moral is that you should choose your backlinks slowly and build to your site from quality links and articles.

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