Why You Have to Monitor Your SEO for Long Term Results

For many people, SEO is a simple matter of finding out which keywords rank well for their business, setting them up on a blog or website, and then leaving it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work so well. Unless there is practically zero competition, quality SEO requires monitoring and detailed analysis in order to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what can be improved. This can be applied to keyword usage, placement, linking, social media strategies, and more.

seo monitoring

Monitoring Keywords

Keyword monitoring is the most basic part of SEO but it can also be one of the most tedious. For this reason, most people who have a number of keywords tend to hire an SEO company to do the work for them. Keyword monitoring includes the process of keeping track of each keyword for performance, click-through rate, sales rate, SERPS, and competition. Without these factors, a keyword might induce hundreds of clicks that result in bounced or exiting visitors, or even drop in SERPS ranking and stop performing.

Monitoring your keywords helps you to decide which keywords are your best performers so that you can build campaigns around them. Best of all, this same strategy can be moved over to your PPC campaign because it allows you to use your best keywords in a paid ad campaign to support your SEO.

One of the easiest ways to monitor your keywords is to start by creating list of similar keywords and then grouping them together. As some keywords outperform others, you can move them into another group with fewer keywords. This helps you to keep high performing keywords separate from your non-performers so that you can gradually test and replace everything that isn’t working for your site.


Links are becoming increasingly important in any sort of SEO so monitoring them should be even more important. Monitoring links helps you to recognize quality links that are adding value to the site while helping you to notice and remove links that could potentially harm the site. Monitoring for incoming, outgoing, and internal links are all important and should be included. Link monitoring can unfortunately be a little difficult if you aren’t

Competitor Monitoring

While not exactly the ‘nicest’ thing to do, monitoring your competitors is almost essential for any successful business in a competitive market. By keeping track of what your competition is doing with their SEO, you can keep up and stay ahead so that you come up in search. Competitor monitoring typically involves researching on what type of keywords they use, which backlinks they use, and how they manage their SEO. This helps you to understand why your SEO may or may not be working, and in many cases, even helps you to see exactly what customers and demographic your competitors are aiming for.

In final, monitoring is a key element of SEO because it helps you to stay in control. Whether you do your SEO yourself or have an SEO company handle the work for you, monitoring and analyzing each keyword and strategy should be an important part of your daily or weekly routine.


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