Solve Your Customers’ Problems Through Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is certainly one of the trickier beasts to handle on the internet, which is why we at work hard to help you improve your SEO, and implement search enginge optimization strategies which will result in increased customer conversions at your website.

How many times have you, frustratedly, typed a question into a search engine, rather than a search specific keyword? We’re not talking ‘Where are my keys?’ but more, ‘Why is my internet so slow?’ or ‘Why doesn’t this bike pump work with my tires?’ Many companies use their websites as a place to put the information which they want people to read, but only a few companies give a thought to what their customers might actually want to know.

People purchase products or hire services because want solutions to their problems. All good marketing creates an awareness of this problem in the potential customer’s life, and then offers the perfect solution – as far as they’re concerned. Most companies use this tactic in their advertising, but how can this be used for better search engine optimization?

Implementing this is a several stage process. You should already know the most popular search terms through which people arrive at your website, so it’s important to notice if any are of the ‘frustrated question’ type. Firstly, see if is this a question which your business was made to answer. If it is, then check which page this search leads to. Does this page have an explicit answer to this question? If it does, then congratulations! You can expect this person to have a positive view of your website, and your products or services. Hopefully, this will even lead to a conversion.

However, if the page doesn’t have an explicit answer to this question, when it could, then your site will achieve the opposite of the desired effect. The final stage in this implementation process is to either create new pages which directly answer the most common question searches, or to clearly add in the information which most people come to your site searching for.

What do you think of this as an SEO strategy? Have you already implemented something similar?


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