How A/B Testing Can Help You Improve Your Online Sales

Most businesses can benefit from A/B testing. Whether for social, SEO, or even your web design, AB testing can help you to figure out what works and what doesn’t so that you can improve on what you have. Improving means making more sales, converting more traffic, and in some cases, even getting more traffic. So what is A/B testing and how does it work?

A/B Testing

What is AB Testing?

A/B testing or split testing is the process of experimenting with web, social, and marketing content until you achieve the best results. Usually A/B testing uses direct comparisons so for example, two things would be launched at one time and their performance compared. A good example would be in marketing ads, you can launch one ad with a blue background and one with a red background, A/B testing is the process of seeing which gets more clicks. Most A/B testing introduces small changes to previous designs and then directly compares results. You can repeat this process with landing pages, social sites, shares, website color, ads, SEO tactics, and more.

As you can probably guess, A/B testing is an excellent way to improve things because you can make small changes and launch them together so that you can see which works better without hurting your sales by trying something drastically new. Ready to try it out?

Utilizing A/B Testing

The first thing you need is a marketing program, SEO program, or web page you would like to improve. Let’s say you would like to increase your social related purchases. In this case you would simply try different types of posts, measure them against each other, and see which get the most hits, click-through’s and impressions. So post 1. Could be “Check out our fan only sale, now through Saturday’ with a link. Post 2. Could be a photo with ‘Fan only Coupon, get your 25% discount’. While you would obviously have to post these on different days, and maybe even different weeks, you could easily see which option incited more sales.

A/B testing for SEO and website conversions is a little harder, but it does use the same basic idea. You change one small thing and see how it performs against something else. So for example, you could create two different landing pages, each with different text, different colors, and a different call to action, and see how they perform against each other. A smaller change would be to make only the call to action different to see how one tiny part compares.

This form of testing is most commonly used in ads where it is very easy to utilize, but A/B can be used in almost anything. From social posts and tweets to web pages and SEO, you can utilize A/B testing to examine, test, and improve your online sales. In fact, even changing up your descriptions and the photos on any products or services you might have can be considered A/B testing


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    Indeed, A/B Testing is very useful to increase sales on a website for example.

    Moreover, this technique comes to show up for mobile applications because all business can use it to increase conversion rates.

    Thanks for explaining what is A/B Testing for your users.

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