Are Your Social Media Efforts Under-performing?

Something which marketors and businesses often forget about social media, and fail to incorporate into their social media strategies, is that social media marketing is not advertising. With traditional advertising, a business rents a space which is already in view of a potential audience – the side of a bus, a billboard, popular television channels – and are assured that their product will be viewed by hundreds of millions, daily.

When it comes to social media, the audience is out there, and the business must draw them in. Simply having a Twitter account or a Facebook page is not enough, your potential audience must know you’re there, and also, they have to want to come and see what you’re saying. Even then, social media marketing is a two-step process.

Once you have gathered an audience, you need to earn their trust. Social media is social! People use it to chat with their friends and keep up with celebrities daily doings. They aren’t necessarily there to be sold to.

This is where content marketing comes in. In the ideal world of online marketing, the Venn diagram of content marketing and social media marketing would overlap each other completely. Businesses need to offer their online audience something interesting to keep them engaged, and this doesn’t always have to be discount codes.

At, we know the difference, and we use content marketing as part of our social media strategy to draw in an engaged and relevant audience for your business and product – the kind of audience more likely to convert into customers, and satisfied ones at that.


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