Content Marketing For Search Engine Optimization

Will content marketing ever replace traditional methods of garnering attention for your brand? This is a question which raises a lot of ire on the internet, as traditionalists point out that blogs and social media will never have the reach of an advertisement placed during the Super Bowl (as if every company can afford to do that!) and content marketers and search engine optimization specialists, like the team at, retaliate with the fact that people use search engines before doing anything: buying a product, booking a holiday, hiring a service, going out for dinner.

When people are using search engines to help them make all of their decisions, then your company needs to be ranking high for the keywords they’re plugging in. Content marketing is a part of search engine optimization, and it works like this:

Search engines love fresh content

We all assume that the latest news must be the most accurate, and so does Google. Having a blog which is updated weekly is the perfect way to start your journey to the top of the rankings.

Search engines search for authoritative sites

The way that a website’s authority is measured can vary between search engines, but a big part of authority is how many people are sharing your content. It’s unlikely with a static site that you’ll frequently get enough people linking to your page on Super-Cool Jacuzzi X9500 to boost it up the search rankings – unless you have an offer on! – but if you wrote a blog post about how to clean it, or the latest celebrity to purchase it, then you might find a lot of interested readers deciding their networks would be interested too. Social signals are very important in the early stages of ranking. If your article gets shared by many influential people, you get a higher exposure for a limited amount of time.

Search engines value consistency

Social media shares will boost your page rankings for a certain period of time. This is usually about a week, depending on how large your network already is, and where the post is being promoted. If your article is good, though, this is about the time that people will start linking to you.

There is no long-term ranking without links from one site to another, but if you are publishing new content weekly and it is being shared regularly, then your website should remain consistently ranking highly for your chosen keywords. In fact, you can choose different keywords to rank for each week!

Content marketing also builds familiarity, likeability and trust among current customers, potential customers and most importantly, people who interact online with potential customers.  If you need to determine a content marketing strategy,’s social media and SEO experts can help.


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