Facebook EdgeRank and Your Business

For anyone who does not know what EdgeRank is, it is the term commonly used to name Facebook’s algorithm that decides who shows up on a timeline. The theory results from the idea that there is only so much space on each person’s timeline and most people like way too many people and pages to keep up with every post.  First, let’s go over exactly what Facebook EdgeRank is and how it affects your page.

What is Facebook EdgeRank

Facebook Edgerank is something of an algorithm similarly to Google’s SEO algorithm it decides who comes up on the timeline, except there is no ‘first place’. Most people reduce this to terms of ‘real estate’. There is only so much space, and EdgeRank attempts to fairly determine who gets it. While Facebook hasn’t announced everything that they use to factor in Edgerank, there are a couple of important factors that we do know about.

  • The percentage of your fans who interact with wall
  • The speed of interactions with your posts
  • The number of interactions with your posts

Essentially, the higher the percentage of your fans who interact with your posts and the speed of their interactions is one of the largest influencing factors on your EdgeRank. The number of fans who interact with your page matters as well but if you have 300,000 fans and only five of them interact, then your EdgeRank will suffer. Why? Because Facebook is most likely trying to combat fake likes that sometimes flood business pages. This means that if you have them, they are hurting your Edgerank.

Influencing EdgeRank to Get your Business Seen

You probably know that if you don’t show up on someone’s wall, they probably won’t ever see your post. Very few fans are ever motivated enough to actually search for and bring up a page, even with the new addition of GraphSearch which makes finding pages easier. If they do get to your page then they are most likely looking for information rather than looking to interact with your page. That means that your job is to be as engaging as possible for those who do see your page.

Fans – Consider slimming down your fanbase by removing fake likes, and removing anyone who has never interacted with your page. While you obviously can’t remove thousands of fans, you can benefit if you have a smaller page. Remove likes you say? A large part of Facebook’s algorithm includes the number of fans interacting with your page. A slimmer, more interactive fanbase will get you more interaction and therefore more fans in the long run.

Posts – Consider posting no more than five times per day and certainly no less than two times. You want active, engaging content that gets people talking, and sharing. Most people find that images get the most likes and shares, so consider posting at least one image per day. You can post photos of products but should do so rarely, post funny or inspirational images to help boost your EdgeRank, or even create photos of your staff, although these are likely to only be shared by friends and family.

Interaction – You can help boost interaction by liking and commenting on everything you post but you commenting on everything might get old quickly. Instead, encourage fans to like, share, and comment on important posts, and then try to strategically post at times when people are most active on social, such as 4 PM on weekdays, or between 1 and 3, or 8 and 10 on weekends. Encouraging friends and family, as well as employees, to comment and like your pages statuses can also help to boost Edgerank, especially if they like and share quickly after the post goes up.

Boosting your EdgeRank can improve your social media marketing over time, but might not be successful for everyone. Facebook has a complex algorithm that not everyone knows, and for good reason. Your best bet is still to post interesting content that is relevant to your page and your business.


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