Five Myths About Your Social Media Marketing That You Can Ignore

If you’ve been listening to what everyone has to say about your SMM, then think again. There are plenty of social media marketing myths out there, and some of them could actually hurt your strategy if you pay attention. If you’ve hired a social media marketer, this probably isn’t an issue, but if not, you can at least see what you’re doing wrong.

#1 Older Customers Don’t Use Social Media – This myth is incredibly wrong. In fact, the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is 55-66, while the fastest growing on Facebook is 45-55. If you haven’t been using your social because you have an older clientele base, then you have to think again. Older people are moving to social media and mostly to Facebook and Twitter. Remember to balance out your content and posts and try to aim them towards your chosen demographic.


#2 More Posts Means A Better Campaign – While this myth can be true if you are on Twitter, and more posts equates to ‘more interactive posts’, the myth is almost 90% false. For the most part, your fans would rather see quality over quantity. Focus your efforts to a handful of posts per day on your Facebook and Google +. You can post more frequently on Twitter, but remember that no one wants to see you retweeting the same things. Instead, try to get more interaction with your posts so that more people see each individual post.


#3 You Should Join Every Social Network – While this might be beneficial if you have a huge team of social guys and a wide customer demographic, it’s mostly a waste of time. You should most likely restrict most of your efforts to three to five social networks. Your core networks should be Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, with Instagram and Pinterest being additional options if you sell items, blog, or have a lot of cool photos. Other than that, you don’t really need any other networks. For example, LinkedIn has a very low percentage of active users and unless you are hiring, might not be hugely beneficial.


#4 Every Post Should Be About Your Company – Most people get bored if you only talk about you. If all they ever see are your products, your services, and your information they might leave your page. Part of your social media marketing strategy should be to engage and entertain your customers. If this means sharing the occasional funny photo (related to your page), and posting helpful information and tips, then so be it. What is a great idea for engagement? Offer to answer questions live on your Twitter, Facebook, or Google + once per week if you have the time.


#5 Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Have a Good ROI – A lot of people are under the mistaken idea that social media marketing offers no return on investment. While there have been some historic cases of companies dumping money into advertising programs to grow their fan base, you can usually see direct results of social efforts. Statistics show that companies who use Twitter average twice the leads than those who do not, every 1,000 Twitter followers usually equates 6% more website traffic, and more than 50% of companies using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn for marketing have acquired customers from it. Considering that the cost of advertising per lead is lower for SMM than for any other form of marketing, you have a winner!

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