Five Reasons You Need Social Media Management

If you have a social page for your business then you might be doing just fine. However, studies show that some companies actually hurt their brand presence by not doing the right things, or doing too much of them. If you don’t know how to run your social successfully, your options include getting off social and limiting your brand presence, or hiring a local Seattle social media manager to help you out. Here are a couple of signs you might want to do one or the other.

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Your Pages are Rarely Updated 

If your pages are sitting there without being updated then you probably have no business running a Facebook page. Chances are that even if you have people who would like to follow your social, they won’t if they aren’t updated. Most people go to social media for news, updates, and sales, but if they don’t see anything, they won’t follow you, like you, or even give you a moment of their time. If you’ve wasted money on advertising and followed it by not posting you might even find that fans eventually leave your pages.

You Post Constantly 

The only crime worse than not posting, is posting too often. Even on Twitter, you should time your posts and intersperse them with other posts so that it’s not all about you. No one wants to see a whole feed of just you, so take it easy. As a rule, you should focus on quality over quantity. However, that doesn’t mean that you should be posting just once or twice a day. Consider four posts per day for Facebook, and 20 or more for your Twitter. Does that sound like a lot of work? You can still hire a Seattle social media manager to help you out.

You Don’t Talk to Your Clients 

Whether you have clients, fans, or customers, you do have to talk to them. Your social is your best resource for connecting to your fans. If you have a fan base then you probably have people asking questions, stating concerns, complaining, or offering praise. Responding to the majority of these people is important if you want your business to gain customers from it. For example, someone asking about the opening hours of your business would likely want to come and visit, if you never respond, they will never come and visit.

You Have No ROI

Time is money so if you are not making money from your social media efforts then something is obviously wrong. Any venture without ROI is not worth doing, so consider moving on to something else. If you aren’t making money, consider either having the pros help you out or giving up on your social altogether. If you are wasting your time on unproductive social, then you aren’t making money.

You Don’t Know What You’re Doing 

Is social a mystery to you? While you might know what to do with your personal Facebook page, and even have a twitter account, you might not know a great deal about social media marketing. If that is the case, you might not want to manage a business page. While you can take the time to learn your social, you might also be too busy.

So, do you need Seattle social media management? If so, check out our SMM page to see what we offer!



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