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How many social media platforms are you on, as a company? At the very least, we expect companies to be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. How do you use these platforms? This question might be a little trickier to answer. There is a lot of information on the internet about how companies and brands should be marketing themselves using social media strategy, which can lead to information overload and a desire to never tweet again. However, we at have been doing some research and have discovered key Social Media Takeaways from top social media experts which will work to improve your social media marketing strategy.

It’s not about creating accounts, It’s what you do with them – Krista Neher

You might have a wide social media presence, and be visible on every platform a social media consultant can name, but what are you doing once you’re there? You can do so much more than tweet and post company information. Use Twitter to respond to customer queries and complaints, and Facebook to promote sales and offers. Don’t just be visible, be personable.

Life is not about being liked it’s about being effective – Chase McMichael

Are your social media strategies geared more towards getting people to click that ‘Like’ button, or to share and recommend your carefully created content with their friends and family? Some companies chase after the elusive ‘Like’ at the risk of losing their brand message. Stay true to the essence of your company, and see real client engagement with your social media.

Twitter Golden rule – Give before you get – Hollis Thomases

In these times when everyone and every business has a Twitter account, people are becoming ever more aware of when they are being treated like a walking wallet. Provide followers with value on Twitter and they will want to share their experience of your product or service with their own followers.

What can be found, can be optimized – Bob Tripathi

Whatever medium you’re sharing content through can be picked up by search engines. Make sure to use the right keywords, tags and phrases, so that the people who go searching will find you. And remember to link back to your website!

We hope you found these tidbits of advice as useful as we did at where we are always on top of the latest news in social media marketing; all the better to pass our expert knowledge onto you.


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