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If you have a startup then launching on social media could be a crucial part of your success. While many businesses were formed before the Internet was even an idea, today it plays an intrinsic role in the daily life of more than 85% of Seattleites, who use Internet at home, and the more than 58% who use social on the go with smartphones. Because social media is such a normal part of life, using it can greatly boost your company hype, product sales and pre-orders, even before your launch. If you’re ready to get started with your social media campaign, the following Seattle social media tips can help you with your launch.


Prepare and Create a Strategy

The most important part of any social media plan is to prepare, decide on your audience, prepare content and create a strategy. While you might not know how to do all of this, having each of these items ready to go before you start your campaign ensures that you know when to share, how often to share, and who to share to. If you create tweets, social media posts, photos, infographics and any videos you want to share in advance, then you ensure that they are shared in a timely fashion. A social media strategy tells you when to post, where to post and why you should be doing that, because it bases content posting and responsiveness on analytics and data based around your target demographic. It also plans out interaction for you, whether for targeting locals, getting people on the street engaged with QR codes or posters. Most of the time, you should also plan for visibility enhancing giveaways, raffles or similar to boost your hype.

Get Involved

One of the most important things about launching on social media for the first time, whether you’re a startup or an established brick and mortar company, is getting involved. Inviting your contacts, your network and your family, friends and employees to get involved is the best thing you can do for your marketing. While it’s not all there is to it, it can definitely help with jumpstarting interaction and helping you with ranking and visibility.

Target Your Customers

While anyone can drive engagement on social media with enough time, you want to target people who will make you money. Even if you’re a non-profit organization, your goal should be turnover, and targeting everyone won’t do that. Research your demographic, plan accordingly and make sure that every item you put out on social targets those people. While this isn’t always possible, you want to ensure that the people most likely to buy your products or services actually see you on the web.

If you want help with your launch, then a Seattle social media company or professional manager can be the difference between no shares and a viral product. Rory Martin has experience with launching companies, media and hype campaigns and building product interest before a launch. To learn more, check out our Whitepapers.


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