How to Get Started with Localized Internet Marketing in the Seattle Area

If you’re marketing a local business here in Seattle, then Internet marketing can actually do more for you than you might think. While many people think of the Internet as an all or nothing worldwide marketing venture, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of local outlets, websites, and tactics for locally marketing your business on the web. While it does start with social marketing, there are a number of different internet marketing tactics you can use.


Blog Marketing

If you have a produce then you can get blogs to cover your product. Usually the process isn’t free because you will have to offer them your product to review or write about, but if those blogs have a following then you can get customers from it. Great places to try include neighborhood newspapers, and local blogs that cover your niche. For example, if you want to promote a restaurant, you would want to look for local food blogs with a following, local social pages and groups about food, and local newspapers with a food column. In this case, by offering a free meal to the blogger or reviewer in exchange for coverage, you get increased hype and hopefully customers as well. The trick is that the person in question has to be impressed in order to write something good about you.


Content marketing is the single best way to promote your topics to the world wide web, but if you want to keep things in the Seattle market then you will have to create selective content. Find out what local people want to know about your niche, and then create content that helps them with that. User created content like videos, reviews, and comments also help with local content marketing and help to boost your local SEO, so try encouraging user created content whenever possible.


Localization is a huge deal if you’re marketing to a specific area. While you can just include your address and a few localized keywords on your website, you can also localize in a few other ways. You can create blogs and posts based towards specific areas and neighborhoods. You can also set yourself up on Google Local and Google Places to come up better for localized search. Finally, set up your page with a location on Facebook so that you come up under Graph searches for content in your area.

Social Pages

Social pages are very important for almost any type of business, but the smaller your business, the more people want to see an active social page before they’re going to want to buy from you. The key here is to encourage your clients and customers to review you on your social pages so that new customers will see positive hype about you as soon as they go on the page. While you won’t always be able to make this happen, it will definitely help.
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