Seattle Social Media Marketing: How Do Incentive Campaigns Work?

Getting started with social media can be tricky, especially if you’re not entirely sure how a bunch of clicks or ‘likes’ can turn into a profit. That aside, it’s still one of the most popular forms of marketing, so you probably want to use it, or at least understand how it works. Social incentive campaigns can actually drive revenue, and in fact, are a long-standing favorite of Seattle social media marketing teams.

What is an Incentive Campaign

You probably already guessed that an incentive campaign offers the user a reward of some kind, and if so, you would be correct. Incentive programs are schemes that offer users a reward for a specific behavior, and in search, that is virtually invaluable because you can use it to influence a great deal of people, even if you are only targeting a local network.

So How Does it Work?

There are several ways to run an incentive program and not all of them are about direct revenue. So, for example, if you wanted to boost the likes on your Facebook page, you could create an incentive program and offer a 10% discount coupon to each person who shared the status and liked your page. The result is that anyone with access to your business, and interest in your business, might be interested in sharing the post and liking your page. You get new likes, and you get targeted likes from people in your area, interested in your products, meaning that you might be able to convert more of them into a sale with a 10% coupon.

Another form of incentive marketing is purely by inducing sales. So, if you want to boost sales you could offer a “Buy One Get One Half Off” coupon to everyone on your page. Your fans don’t have to ‘do’ anything but go in and make a purchase. And because you aren’t paying for an advertisement, just broadcasting it on social, you don’t necessarily have to invest in your coupon.

How it Benefits You

Even if you are not making a huge profit off of discounted items, you are still helping your business. By boosting sales you are creating hype, reminding people that they need your products, and hopefully getting them to leave a review on your page. The result is that you create customers from a fan-base that might not have previously bought anything. Of course, ideally, you want to make money off of every sale, even if it is discounted, so try not to go too crazy with the coupons.

There are hundreds of ways to use incentive marketing on social media, and it works on nearly every platform. However, you do have to plan carefully, market properly, and make sure that you have the right social fan-base to make something happen with your coupons. Want to know more about how incentive programs can help boost your sales and business? Contact us to talk about your business, and your localized Seattle social media marketing program.


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