Seattle Social Media Talk: Facebooks New Content Like Ban & Your Page

Facebook’s newest platform update introduced a ban to content incentives to likes, which essentially means that you can no longer offer anything in order for someone to become a fan. While some forms of content link enticement are still available to pages (for example through apps), there are a lot of currently common content incentives that are no longer available for pages. Let’s talk about what that means for your page, and what you can do about it.

No More Likes for Content

Gated or incentive content is any sort of content that requires the user to like your page in order to take advantage of it. Because like to win, and like to access content or contest pages have been active on Facebook for the last five years or so, this will mean a big change for the way some pages market their business. However, it’s not all bad. One very common trend seen in incentivized likes is that they are not extremely active, and many of them have no real interest in the page, other than that they wanted to win something. The result is low quality likes that do nothing for you as a business. While the numbers look good, they aren’t precisely driving any sales. Some examples of no more content for likes include:

  • No more gated content

  • No more ‘25% discount if you like our page’

  • No more ‘Access this content¬†if you like our page’

Essentially, you can’t offer anyone a reward for liking your page anymore. Facebook has not listed the specific details, but failure to comply with other guidelines usually results in a page being banned.

Alternative Marketing Strategies

While you might be upset that you can’t use gated content or likes for coupons anymore, you shouldn’t be. There are plenty of other marketing techniques you can use to build your fan pages, and do so in a Facebook friendly way.

Facebook Share Campaigns – Share incentives are still a great way to boost exposure for your page, and you can continue to offer prices for photo post likes, shares, and comments. You can also stipulate that the giveaway is only open to fans of the page so long as you do not ask people to like the page in order to enter the competition.

Hashtags – Hashtags are another great way to increase exposure, although it is important to research active hashtags for your area first.

Optimize Your Facebook for Local SEO – If properly optimized, your social page will come up in searches for local businesses that provide your services. Optimizing your page properly ensures that you get maximum local exposure to people looking for your business.

Encourage Feedback – When one of your fans posts feedback on your wall, it also posts on their wall, which not only shows that you have fans (if they leave a good review), but also improves your reach and potentially converts their friends. Good feedback also improves your local SEO reach.

The new policy will take effect in November of 2014, so you have a couple of months to phase these sort of like incentives out of your marketing strategy before you start to get in trouble for them.


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