Seattle Social Media Tips – Creating Content To Post

Running a social media account is never easy, especially if you aren’t a professional social media manager, but the hardest part about it is content. And the longer you run your social pages, the more difficult content gets. The truth is that followers are unlikely to follow you if you don’t post, and not posting regular content means that you loose ranking on systems like Facebook’s EdgeRank. The result is that you have to continue posting frequently and regularly, or fall under the metaphorical social bus. If you don’t have the money for a professional social media manager, you have to come up with long term plans for curating your own content. Here are a couple of tips from local Seattle social media experts.

Watch the News

If you want your posts to be relevant, interesting, and on topic then your best bet is to watch the news. Make notes about interesting things that relate to you or your business, and then try to integrate that into your page. For example, if you run a roofing company and there are storms coming, it’s quite easy to figure out that you can post about them to try to boost sales. If you sell shoes, you might talk about events or local happenings instead.

Follow Hashtags

Hashtags are another great way to keep up with what’s hot in the Seattle area, and you can actually boost your own visibility by using them yourself. A bit of quick research should find you a lot of local hashtags, which you can then use for inspiration, and integrate into your posts.

Plan Posts One Day At A Time

Unfortunately, while planning and posting content months in advance may be convenient, it’s not interactive, and very little of it will be relevant unless you plan for your sales, problems, and any local events. You can plan and pre-schedule some content using Facebook or an external event like HootSuite, but try to post at least one live comment each day for authenticity.

Listen To Your Customers

You can always use customer questions as inspiration for tips and answers. For example, if someone comes in and asks you a question, answer them in person, but then also add a “Customer Question” or “Question of the Week” to your social media and answer it. This isn’t always possible on pages like Twitter, but works well on both Google + and Facebook. You can also share items from your FAQ, or random questions that you think customers might be interested in when you don’t have any questions.

Write a Blog

A blog offers you great content to share on your social media, directs traffic back to your website, and allows you to answer questions or get creative with your products. While you should make sure that it is professional, or hire someone to do it for you, it can greatly benefit your social media and your website.

Mix It Up

While every post should be on topic, don’t be afraid to mix things up by adding jokes, humor, or memes into your social. You do want to avoid having the majority of your posts being memes though because this may look like you’re not a business. You can also share relatable quotes and other information. Just keep it on topic.

If curating content is too much work for you, hiring a professional Seattle social media manager could be the way to go, just talk with them first to make sure it is in your budget, and that you will get a return off of it.



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