Seattle Social Media Tips: Five Ways to Get More Facebook Interaction & Conversion

Facebook is the largest social network on the planet and despite the lure of many other social sites including Twitter and Pinterest, Facebook consistently shows the highest social media conversion in recent years. With more interest generated per post, more follow back and interaction with links, and generally just more driven traffic, businesses cannot afford to ignore Facebook as an important marketing tool. But with recent Facebook changes, it can be difficult to get the interaction that you need. These Seattle social media tips are designed to help you optimize your posts to get the most interaction.

1. Be Human

‘Being Human’ might be the name of a popular television show, but it is also something that many Facebook business users forget to do. In the rush to convert traffic and sales, many businesses only post about themselves, expect without giving anything back, and in general simply share everything from their website in the hopes of driving traffic. Statistics have proven time and time again that this strategy (if it can be called a strategy) simply does not work. Facebook users respond the best to interactive, communicative, and personal posts. While you shouldn’t necessarily post about what you had for breakfast or what your child’s favorite color is, you should post about your opinions, talk about why you’re posting something, and give people a personal reason to look at or do something.

2. Ask Questions

It is a truth that people respond to questions, so make sure you ask them. Whether you are asking about someone’s day or asking about what features or products your fans would like to see on your site you will still increase interest and conversion. Questions lead to answers which lead to more people seeing your page, possibly liking your page, and maybe clicking on your website.

3. Post as Few Links as Possible

As counterproductive as it might sound, you shouldn’t post a lot of links to your Facebook page. In fact, Facebook is limiting how many people see links on your page unless you pay to promote them. If you do not have a large budget to promote your links, you should consider simply posting links rarely. Having a great deal of content on your page that has only been seen by 11% of your following can be bad for your social media ranking because it shows poor conversion rates. Posting more solid content including photos which many people will see is more beneficial to your page and your site. Conversely, you can post about something on your site and then link to it later in comment discussions without suffering viewing penalties.

4. Your Facebook Page Uses SEO Too

Most people do not realize that Facebook pages utilize SEO as well as their website. While individual posts do not use SEO and do not normally come up in search, Facebook pages and page notes do come up in search on Facebook’s new Graph search as well as Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Utilizing basic SEO rules including optimizing names and descriptions can help increase page conversion directly from search. You can check SEOMoz for professional tips on the subject.

5. Post Frequently

Posting frequently and regularly is important for any sort of interest and conversion, so ensure that you post on a regular schedule. For the best results, utilize a free social media helper such as HootSuite to send out posts at specific times. Statistics show that weekdays after 4 PM tend to get the most hits, so ensure that you try to post something right around then.

While there are a lot of rules to optimizing your posts for Facebook, these quick Seattle social media tips should get you started in the right direction. Remember that a genuine post is more important than not posting at all, and if you don’t have anything else to post, you can always share relevant content from another page to help build a relationship with another Facebook user.


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