Seattle Social Media Tips: Managing Your Online Reputation

Reputation is probably the most important currency of online media, and especially so for social media. With more and more social media users taking the time to research companies on their preferred social platform before making a purchase, it is becoming increasingly important to manage your reputation online in order to present your best face to potential customers. The difference between the ‘right’ profile and the wrong one often means a new customer, or a lack of one, so management is one very important thing that you have to learn. If you have a social media manager in your employ, you don’t have to worry about managing your business reputation because they will do it for you, otherwise, here are a few tips.

Seattle Social Media Customer SErvice

Limit Access To Your Page

The first step to controlling your company image is to limit access to your page. Many small businesses offer admin access to a wide variety of people including friends and family, but this definitely isn’t the best issue. You want to limit admin access to one or two people so that you can control what is posted more easily. In addition, you never want to offer admin access to people who don’t have to control the page. Instead, consider any of the other roles, such as analyst or content publisher.

Respond To Comments and Questions Quickly

One major thing that you can do to keep your reputation in check is to respond to questions and comments on your pages. This means monitoring all of your social platforms and replying to comments, personal messages, and reviews as quickly as possible. In some cases, items left on social media are comments that might escalate into issues if not responded to. In addition, consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that offers visible customer support, because  they feel that issues can be worked out more quickly.

Respond Politely to Bad Feedback

If you receive bad feedback of any kind, your worst mistake would be to argue with it. Instead issue an apology and hopefully try to rectify the problem. For example, White House Black Market apologizes and offers a return option to people who comment negatively about products on their page. This sort of reputation management costs you money, but can make you sales in the future. Going on the offensive can be more harmful to your reputation, so the best option is to apologize, admit you were wrong, and offer to fix the issue.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Quickly fixing issues clears them up and prevents any bad blood. It also reduces the risk that you will get negative feedback, or have people recommend others against your company before you solve the issue. Respond quickly to all issues, and try to clear them up as soon as you find out about them.

Monitor Your Social Pages

It goes against saying that you have to monitor your pages, but many small Seattle businesses let their social pages go weeks or days without supervision. This is especially true of pages that use prescheduled posts. However, it can be a big mistake. Make sure you log in and monitor what is going on on your pages at least once a day.

Hiring a Seattle social media manager is the best way to ensure that you get the best in reputation management. If you want to know more, contact us today to discuss your social needs.



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