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Social Media is one of the dominating forms of marketing, and has been for some time, but many businesses are just now beginning to utilize it effectively. However, with at least 80% of businesses saying that they are active on social media, and a recent survey of over 600 small business owners showed that more than 42% get a larger percentage of new customers from their social media pages. Those that do are using their pages for more than just promotion, they’re actively engaging, talking with, and helping their potential customers. Keep reading to find out how to integrate customer service into your Seattle social media strategy.

Seattle Social Media Customer SErvice

What is Social Customer Service

Social customer service is quite simply, the process of responding to, helping with, and solving queries and issues presented on a page via social. Unfortunately, studies show that approximately 80% of these queries currently go unanswered, which often looses a sale or a customer. Reasons people post on social media include questions about a product (answering could lead to a sale), problems with an order (answering could lead to a happier customer), and issues with a product (answering could help prevent a bad review). Because the majority of problems presented on social media are easily fixable, not answering them can actually hurt your business, while taking the time to answer them can and does make sales happen.

So How Do I Improve Customer Service?

Just like with ‘real’ customer service, social customer service requires work. You have to respond to and actively answer questions. While you obviously cannot do this 24/7, you should set aside a few minutes a day to check to make sure there are no questions, comments, or messages on your social that you should answer. In some cases, like with Twitter, these can be harder to find. In other cases, like with Google + and Facebook, finding questions and answering them is relatively easy. Remember to be polite, and to research the answer before you send a reply. Just answering is the first step to improving your customer service but you also have to make sure that you give the right answers.

If your consumers have issues, remember that they are no less important because they are using social. If you would normally offer a solution or a discount or partial refund to make up for the trouble, then do so on the page. Importantly, because this is public, it shows your other fans that you are willing to take steps to make sure that buyers are happy with your business.

Following Up

Customer service is an important part of any businesses success, and you have to make sure that yours is everywhere that you are. This means making sure that your customers are happy after they ask questions by following up within a week to ask if they are happy, (this also increases engagement), sharing customer questions and your answers as status posts, and staying on your toes when it comes to actually answering questions. If you’re getting too busy to handle this sort of thing, then your best bet may be to hire a professional Seattle social media management company to do it for you, because your online reputation and customer service does drive sales.


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