Seattle Social Media Tips – What You Can Learn From Analytics

Social media is a part of life for millions of business owners worldwide but few of them use analytics like they should. Whether they don’t have the time to sit down and monitor results, don’t know how to do so, or don’t understand the data, many businesses are missing out on the powerful information that social analytics can provide. With that in mind, if you don’t understand your data, then you may want to hire a professional Seattle social media manager like Rory Martin to help you out. Otherwise, here are a few important things you can learn from your social analytics programs.



Engagement is more important than the number of fans, followers, or likes on your social page. This is because 50 fans who interact with your page are more likely to make purchases than 2,000 people who don’t even see your posts. By measuring engagement, you’re measuring how successful your page is. For example, if you’re on Facebook and you have 15,000 fans but only 200 people talking about you, you’re only really making an impact on those 200 people. You can take steps to raise your engagement to raise awareness, raise page success, and of course, increase consumer interest.


While you may already have a good idea of what demographic your content appeals to, using social media to analyze your demographics will tell you a lot more. By looking at the age, location, and if possible, number of purchases from each fan, you can get a better idea of where you have to target future ads, campaigns, and even products. For example, if you’ve been targeting towards an 18-25 year old consumer base but your analytics show you that just as many 30-35 year olds are following your pages, you can redirect your content to include items and promotion aimed specifically at them.

Popular Content

Another great thing about any social analytics is that it shows you which posts are popular, which aren’t, and which types of posts get the most engagement over time. If you watch your analytics then you will eventually see a pattern and can start to tailor more of your posts towards what people want to see. By recognizing popular content, you are giving yourself the tools to duplicate it.

Traffic Sources & Conversion

For this final form of tracking your social media, you will need Google Analytics or another similar analytics program. Once you tell it what your social pages are, you can get to work tracking your conversion to see how successful your social campaigns are in terms of pushing sales and visits. This allows you to directly track the profitability of your social media in terms of web visits and sales. If that’s what your social pages are about, then it’s important to track this data.

Don’t know how to use any of these social analytics? Talk to Rory Martin, your local Seattle social media management company and we’ll help you out with creating a social marketing plan that works, and follow up with all of the analytics you need.


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