Social Media Marketing News – LinkedIn Announces New Features

Are you making the most of LinkedIn for your business? LinkedIn doesn’t think so! That’s why they’ve just announced two new upcoming features for company pages – ‘Targeted Updates’ and ‘Follower Statistics’.   At, we’re dedicated to keeping ourselves at the cutting edge of social media marketing, and using that knowledge to put your business in front of as many eyes as possible. Early figures from these updates suggest that targeting specific portions of your followers could improve audience engagement with your company by up to 66%. That’s traffic which you can’t afford to lose out on.

Targeted updates mean that you can put relevant information in front of the people who are really interested in it. Say you have a product which you market to small-to-medium businesses and one which works better for larger companies. Now you can choose which size company sees which LinkedIn update. You can also segment your updates according to industry, job function and geography. With this kind of targeting, you can afford to share more information more frequently via LinkedIn. Where you previously, perhaps, updated three times a day in order to catch people on their lunch breaks and other peak browsing times, now you’ll be able to update more often without appearing to be spamming.

Targeted updates works in tandem with follower statistics as you can check out engagement levels, update impressions and recent followers. You’ll be able to see within days whether your targeted updates are reaching people, and improving engagement. This then provides the means to create bespoke marketing strategies for each area of interest among your followers.

Want all of the benefits but can’t spare the time? Let do it for you. Social media strategies are our speciality, and we can’t wait to get to grips with this new way of increasing follower engagement!


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