Social Media Marketing – The Value of Business Blogging

There is a common misconception among business owners as to the value of business blogging. Many believe that they do not have time to effectively implement a Social Media Marketing campaign or that there is little return on investment. a Seattle Web Design company that specializes in Seattle Search Engine Optimization and Seattle Social Media Marketing can help you build a marketing strategy that reflects your unique brand and meets your business goals.

A corporate blog is a marketing asset and therefore, an asset to your business. Properly executed, a blog will continue to drive traffic and leads to your business over time and should be viewed just like Search Engine Optimization, a due diligence process that is not a short term experiment, but a long term investment.

There are many reasons to consider a business blog.  By delivering fresh, compelling, keyword-rich, original content you will bring users back to your site on a regular basis, helping increase awareness for your brand and driving your site up in ranking. In addition to gaining search engine ranking and generating leads, blogs engage your current customers and place you in a position to provide thought leadership to your industry, strengthening your brand.

Optimizing a blog that engages customers and prospects while furthering your company’s mission and business objectives, is much like optimizing a website. By implementing search engine optimization, your blog can rank much higher than static website pages in the search engine results. Over time, this drives up the ranking of your company website.

In order to measure Social Media ROI you must define clear measurable goals.’s online marketing campaigns deliver both measurable revenue as well as ancillary brand building benefits for your company.   It is important to understand the value of a visitor. Each visitor becomes one of three things; a browser, an influencer or a transacting customer.  A transacting customer delivers immediate financial impact which can be measured as ROI. Browsers and influencers are measured as ancillary even though they directly affect your financial bottom line, just not in the immediate sense. Their value falls into the category of non-actualized potential.

Some of the most substantial benefits of a social media campaign will be difficult to measure directly. There is no concrete financial value that can be assigned to reputation management, branding and customer service. However, every business owners knows those values are indispensable.


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  1. Shaylee says:

    You hit it right on the head Rory!

    Blogging is so important in building value and trust within your brand! The more value you can provide the more you can position yourself as a leader within your industry!

    Blogging is also great because you are creating sharable content! There are many factors to high rankings in search engines but “the amount of shares” a piece of content receives in the social media is starting to have more weight in how high a post can rank.

    Outside of just optimizing for your services, blogging allows you to pick low hanging key terms to rank high for that will drive additional traffic to your site!


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