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Have you ever wanted to know how far one of your tweets travelled? Or how many people are exposed to your twitter account on any given day? Maybe your company regularly throws hashtag parties, where lots of people join in, but you’re never sure who else is listening. With, you can know all of this in seconds! Just head on over to their user-friendly search interface, type in your twitter handle, a marketing phrase, or recent hashtag, and get a snapshot report which displays all the important analytic information up front. You can search for free as many times as you like, but each search will only return data for the last fifty tweets. There is a paid option, but it’s still a fantastic free resource for monitoring real-time events.

Let’s look at the ‘Reach’ first. This is how many accounts your tweet, or hashtag, reached. You are able to see everyone who actively retweeted or participated in your event, but all of their followers too. Say you have a reasonably small following on your personal twitter account, around two hundred and fifty followers. Search your twitter handle and you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that a couple of judicious retweets by followers means that you have reached up to eight thousand accounts!

Numbers like this are great, but engagement is what Twitter is all about. So, secondly, TweetReach shows you the top contributors – accounts with the highest number of followers to have retweeted you – and the most retweeted tweets.

If a hashtag promotion is a part of your social media strategy, this information is more valuable than gold dust. You can immediately discover the major influencers in your conversation, alongside which tweets in the conversation are getting the most play. In a nutshell, you can find out who is engaging, and why.

Why is this information useful? If you know which users are the most engaged with your product or most vocal about your promotion during a social media campaign, then you can use that data to concentrate your efforts on a more targeted market next time. Instead of spreading out a net and catching empty tin cans, you can bait your hook appropriately to lure the clients you really want to your site.

If your aim is to bring clients back to your website, then a follow-up to TweetReach use is to monitor the click-throughs coming in from Twitter during the promotional time. If you then compare conversion rates to the engagement data, you’ll have a wealth of information on the kind of Twitter campaign which draws in paying customers against the kind which just gets people chatting. specializes in social media strategies, so if you’re as excited by this as we are, get in touch to have social media marketing made simple for you.



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