The Top Five Social Media Platforms You Should Be Concentrating On

Social media is constantly changing. A social site that is popular one year might completely fail the next, or might offer less traffic or fewer sales to businesses from one year to the next. For example, for most of 2011 and 2012, Twitter was the best social platform for businesses, and for most of 2013, that has been Facebook. What this means is that you should not and can not focus all of your social media efforts on one platform because it might offer very little turnover in a few months time. However, you shouldn’t have an account on every platform either because that is time consuming, confusing, and most likely to be repetitive. Here are a list of the top five social media platforms you should be on.


Facebook is the single most popular social media platform out there. With plenty of options for businesses to grow and reach fans, and with plenty of ways to make money, Facebook is quite possibly the perfect median for a business social page. However you do have to be careful to post shareable interesting content because the more of your fans see and talk about the content, the more people see your content. A good Facebook strategy is usually only about one fifth self-promotional and the rest informative. That means you can post sales or deals every fifth post, and then add in humor, photos of cool stuff or your customers, and tips and tricks in between. This makes your page valuable to your fans so that you aren’t just advertising yourself. No one wants to follow an advertisement.


Two years ago anyone would have told you that Twitter is the best place online to make a sale, contact, or pretty much anything. Today many of the people on Twitter are really just trying to promote themselves but there are many exceptions. To succeed on Twitter you have to offer valuable tweets as well as salesy ones (even if your value is just posting deals), and you also have to build a following. The latter is not always easy but if you consistently talk to people, retweet as well as post your own content, and be active, you will get a following. Follow for Follow usually is a good way to build followers but not a good way to build an audience. Remember to use hashtags related to your content to try to get more impressions and views.

Google Plus

An old joke suggests that only Google employees use Google Plus and that used to be the truth. Now, Google + is one of the top three social sites on the internet and ties with Pinterest for second place. Google Plus has recently revamped, offer business pages, and even video hangouts so that you can offer live advice and tips to your customers.  Google Plus allows the use of hashtags as well as tagging people so you can combine some of the best elements of both Facebook and Twitter. Considering that the site also integrates with your Youtube and you can link it to anything you write via Google Authorship, you have a definite win.


Pinterest is among the top three social sites of 2013 and for good reason. Some new additions to the site include the ability to add specific pins such as deals or recipes, as well as business pages and analytics. While Pinterest is not the best median for every type of business, it is a great way to make sales and get traffic to your site if you have an interesting photo to share. If you build a following on Pinterest then your photos will get more exposure which could very easily lead to more fans and more sales.


Last but not least, Stumbleupon is a great social site to pay attention to. While it doesn’t take as much work as the other sites, Stumbleupon can generate a huge amount of traffic for your website with one condition. You have to have interesting, eye catching, and attractive content that people want to read. If not, you’re just going to have a lot of people hit the ‘next’ button instead of reading and potentially following your site. How tos, unique facts and tips, and photos are all great sharing ideas for Stumbleupon.

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  1. George Banes says:

    Never would have thought of using Stumbleupon, I just signed up and I’ve actually already gotten traffic from it. Great tip!

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