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As a Seattle Web Design company that specializes in Seattle Search Engine Optimization and Seattle Social Media Marketing, I really like this stuff.

With the newfound popularity of microblogging/presence networks like Twitter, these may well be the next haven for people looking into optimizing their sites for search engines. Twitter can be used not just for messaging, but also to generate traffic, particularly since Twitter allows for embedding links in tweets. Plugins like Alex King’s Twitter Tools even automate things for WordPress bloggers. You can set it to post a tweet automatically every time you publish a blog post.

Secondly, Twitter status pages themselves are starting to get indexed by the search engines, and I would think many of these have been getting good Google PageRanks on their own. To illustrate, the home page has a PageRank of 9/10, which is considerably high. Matt Cutts’s Twitter page has a pagerank of 6/10, while my own Twitter page has a PR of 0/10, as I have joined twitter recently.

SEO-wise, subfolders are treated as part of the original domain, while subdomains are treated as separate sites altogether. Therefore, whatever SEO benefits is getting will trickle down to its subfolders, including user status pages and tweets.

And then there are the alternative uses of Twitter. And I think this is better than link blogging using a full blogging platform or even social bookmarking services like because of the push aspect of Twitter.

And it’s not only the push aspect. Each time I post a link on my Twitter status page, all of my followers’ friends pages get to display that link, too. If I have thousands of followers, not only does Twitter push the link to their clients (IM, desktop client, mobile phone, or even web), I also get thousands of new inbound links toward that link I just posted.

These, among other reasons, make me think Twitter and other microblogging/presence services may be ripe for the picking for SEOs. Unfortunately, spammers have also started to mass-produce tweets with links to their own sites. At least they won’t be disturbing anyone, unless they have friends/subscribers in their networks (which can be done with some social engineering).

Of course, sometimes this may not work as intended. For instance, Twitter is limited to 140 characters per post, and so most Twitter clients (including Twitter’s own web interface itself) use URL shortening services like and I discussed the disadvantages of short URL services a while back with some friends, and my concern is basically about the URL shortening services getting the link love instead of your own domain.Where there are web apps, there will always be people looking for ways to explore–and possibly exploit–these for their own purposes.

As a Seattle Web Design company that specializes in Seattle Search Engine Optimization and Seattle Social Media Marketing, I really like this article…for more information please visit our site at


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