Why Should I Customize my Facebook Business Page?

With the popularity of Facebook fan pages and the releases of new timelines, it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to implement a customized Facebook page for your business. Since the new Facebook Timeline feature shows your posts to your fans and your fans friends, in a ticker at the top right-hand side of the page. Your posts now reach a much wider audience – and you need to stand out from the crowd.

Offering interesting updates with a well-designed Facebook Page is often the deciding factor in whether or not your fans will choose to interact or share your page with their friends. Building interaction with your fans is an important factor – you need to have relevant information that isn’t always self-promotional.  However, we like to stress the importance of having a well designed Facebook page, that offers incentives for prospective fans to click “like”.

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Do you "like" the RoryMartin.com reveal tab?

Consider this: The first thing users see is your business’s wall – and while that may have relevant information, it may lack the branding your company needs to make an impact.  We’re finding that businesses are increasingly aware of the visual impact their Facebook page has, and trends point to the increased use of “splash pages” or reveal tabs for facebook pages.  It’s the equivalent of having an active ad built directly into your page that’s clickable.  You can set these Facebook reveal tabs to be clickabe so that users can click to like, which would reveal discounts, for example.

When it comes to the internet, looks are everything.  The design is as important as the implementation.  Having a well-designed landing tab will help you stand out from the crowd.  Keep it simple, and neat.  Don’t go overboard with apps.  Be consistent with your branding, and display different pages for fans and non-fans.  You can even engage your current fans to take another action via links or reveal tabs.  RoryMartin.com builds these welcome tabs and customizes facebook pages for a variety of clients.

And while you’re customizing your Facebook fanpage, it’s a good idea to consider implementing a custom URL.  If you have 25 or more fans, implementing a custom URL on your facebook page will increase your search engine rankings and will be easier to promote.  Consider your custom URL another step towards branding your business.

Here are a few simple ideas for implementing customizations on your Facebook Page

  • Display the services or products you offer
    • Be sure to include a specific call to action, along with a link so your fans can actively participate
  • Host a contest
  • Make sure to post about your blog, and share your blog posts with fans
  • Let people know who you are and what you’re about
    • If you do any charity work or special events, make sure to share those
  • Give fans a reason to like your page by using reveal tabs, or by letting users know what to look forward to
    • For your fans, let them know how they can contribute
  • Share your twitter posts

Now, more than ever, it’s increasingly important to make sure your social network business profiles are integrated into your marketing and branding.  If you’re not sure how to implement social media into your marketing strategy, come see us at www.rorymartin.com.


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