Create a Long-Lasting Social Media Strategy on Facebook team is here to help businesses succeed in the world of social media, social networking, and web marketing; we’ve got a few questions you should ask yourself to help your business create a long-lasting social media strategy using Facebook.

Is Facebook really where your business needs to be?

This is a question that many businesses never asked themselves, in their hurry to jump on the social media bandwagon with everyone else. There are many, many businesses on Facebook with abandoned profiles, who decided that they should be where everyone else, but then didn’t immediately receive the influx of positive feedback which they were hoping for.  Is Facebook really the right platform for your business? Or is it that your business isn’t making the best use of Facebook?

Is my target demographic on Facebook?

Sure, Facebook has over 900 million active users on a monthly basis, so statically speaking, there must be some people using Facebook who are interested in what you’re saying – but how many of these users are your targets compared to how much time you spend creating the perfect Page? Once you’ve ascertained whether your target market use Facebook, and how much, then you need to ask…

When does my potential audience use Facebook?

Thanks to EdgeRank, it’s likely that only 17% of people who have Liked your Page are actually seeing your updates in their timeline. This percentage drops after every update which doesn’t receive Likes or Shares. If even less people see them to begin with, there are going to be even less interactions. You could be crafting the perfect update but if you post at 9am when your audience is mostly active after 7pm, then that’s an incredible amount of traffic which you’re immediately missing out on. In order to create that perfect update though, you need to ask…

Why does my target market use Facebook?

Do women over the age of 50 use Facebook to follow businesses? Are they active on company Pages? Or are they just staying in touch with their grandchildren and cooing over family photos? You need to find out why and how your potential audience uses Facebook – and harness that knowledge to work for you. Do they prefer to share interesting links to content, or Like images of animals skateboarding? Would they rather help you come up with a punchline to a joke, or enter a competition to win vouchers for a family day out? Once you know how they are using Facebook, you can create targeted content, dedicated to engaging your prospective market.

Finally, you need to ask…

What do I want my audience to do on Facebook?

It’s easy to forget that a Like doesn’t equal an opt-in. People who Like a page are not a captive audience, on the edge of their seats waiting for the next update from your company. Using the data from the answers to the above questions, you can create targeted updates and start tracking that data. This can show you the progress towards your goals – what you actually want to achieve with all this Facebook activity – and help you work towards measurable ROI in terms of customer satisfaction, customer acquisition and brand integrity.

When you have answered all of these questions, then you can start to build a long-lasting strategy on Facebook. Not sure where to start? Email today for a social media consultation, or to speak with one of our web experts.


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