Dos and Don’ts of Social Networking

For a good social media strategy, there’s no make-or-break way to be truly successful.  However, being successful at this type of social networking requires a little finesse (and a lot of patience).  We’ve got some tips for both companies who are just finding their niche, and established businesses who want to see more ROI from their networking efforts.

Do Give Your Brand a Personality

People, especially on social media, like to connect with people. Come up with a persona for your business, and stick with it. Followers and friends then know what to expect from your feed, and feel more like their connecting with some*one* rather than some*thing*.

The bonus is that having a personality – and a personable networking account – builds trust and authenticity.  Trust and authenticity are 2 of the cornerstones of any great social campaign.

Don’t Go Straight For the Hard Sell

Would you ever start a conversation at a networking event with “Hi, have you bought our product yet?” No? Then don’t do it online either. People like to be introduced to a company on social media networking sites before they trust or value them enough to connect.

This also draws us towards our next point – users don’t respond as well to self-promotional talk, as they do to conversation.

Do Start Conversations

You want more information about your client base; people love to talk about themselves. Ask a few questions about contentious, but relevant, topics, and soon you’ll have a full-scale debate on your feed. As a bonus: people will feel more warmly towards your brand, because you actually care what they think.

This is also a great time to show off your customer service skills by engaging and responding in a professional, friendly, and timely way.

Don’t Be Boring

Have you ever been stuck at a cocktail party with the self-absorbed bore who won’t stop going on about their own personal woes? It’s not fun for anyone. Provide value with your feed – link to interesting, informative and relevant content which your followers will value – and even share!

Don’t Use a ‘Comedy’ Photo

While it might be tempting to portray your company’s sense of fun with a photo of Dave in a cardboard crown, remember that people want to believe that you are capable of handling their complaints, inquiries and orders in a professional manner. Unless you are an actual clown, just the company logo or a serious head and shoulders shot will do.

Of course, being too stern in photos can also have repercussions.  You want to seem approachable, as well as professional.

Do Have Fun

People turn to social media to enjoy themselves, so go ahead and link to that skateboard otter story for a little light relief. Extra points if you can find something life-affirming or giggle-worthy which is relevant to your marketing pitch.

Still not sure how to make friends and influence people using social networking sites? Get in touch with our Seattle social networking experts today, to improve your business connections.


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