How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Email Program

Logging into our Facebook this morning, we realized our email address had been changed to the new Facebook default address – an account.  We realize that many FB users probably don’t utilize Facebook’s messaging system.  This is especially true, since as one Forbes writer put it: “social network’s screwy messaging system … auto-sorts your email for you, putting emails from ‘strangers’ in a shadow inbox that’s easy to miss.”

Whether you opted for an email address or not, you now have an email address with Facebook. Facebook has stated that they’ve done this to make their branding (including email addresses) consistent sitewide.  Don’t fret, though – it’s easy to opt out.  They’ve also added a setting that lets people decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines.

How to Opt Out of Facebook’s email addresses.

Go to your Timeline and click “about”, under your contact info. Scroll down to “Contact Info” and hit edit. For the email addresses you want visible, switch the crossed out circle symbols to a full circle. For the email addreses you DON’T want shown, including the address, switch the setting from a full circle (“Shown on Timeline”) to the crossed out circle (“Hidden from Timeline”).  Click save, and you’re ready to go!

As Gizmodo notes, “This is also a good opportunity to check your privacy settings and make sure your various inboxes are visible only to friendlies.”

What do you think about this change?  Was it necessary?  Do you wish Facebook had left your email alone?  Tell us below, in the comments.


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