Quick Tips for Improving Your Seattle Social Media Campaigns for 2014

With an estimated 90% of small businesses on social media, it is becoming more important than ever to get yours going. Unfortunately, while more than three quarters of businesses do have social accounts, most have no idea how to utilize them to make sales and create customers. In fact, some 58% of social users claim to have difficulty driving engagement, let alone sales. So what are you doing wrong?

Improve your Seattle social media

Localized Targeting

If you live and work in Seattle, then you would want to find local businesses that can offer local services. For example, there is probably a coffee shop near you. Chances are that if you go to their Facebook, they aren’t doing anything to target their specific audience, and if they are, they’re probably targeting Seattle, rather than their neighborhood. For example, a bakery located on Pike Place might advertise themselves as a ‘Seattle Bakery’ on their website. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to drive too much traffic because while ‘local’, Seattle is really big. Instead, that same bakery should focus on ‘Pike Place’ as their local domain, and use targeted keywords, hashtags, and interact with neighborhood pages and groups.

Don’t Over Promote

Promoting on any social is a fine balance of offering value alongside company promotions because no one wants to see post after post of “You’ll love our stuff – go buy it!”. Most Facebook and Twitter managers already have a pretty good handle on this sort of management, but most of the non-pros still have to catch on. Try interspersing your coupons and sales, and direct links with useful information like customer reviews, questions and answers, funny photos, and even contests. You’ll get a lot more interaction, and as a result, more business.


Another increasingly common problem is that many businesses just want fans and don’t care where or how they get them. Unfortunately, if your likes and +1s aren’t in your demographic, you won’t be making any sales. Why not? Because if you’re primarily selling ballet shoes for toddlers then you won’t be making very many sales to single men aged 18-25. The point is that almost every type of business has a demographic, and that demographic is what you should focus on for your social. Finding and targeting your demographic is a huge part of a professional social media campaign because it increases sales, interaction, and ROI.

Non-Goal Oriented Posts

One of the biggest mistakes that you see in any social media campaign is that the majority aren’t goal oriented. While most of us realize that being on social is a good thing, and that it can make sales, we don’t understand the process quite enough. That’s where an established Seattle social media company like Rory Martin can help you, we can create and realize goals based on the capabilities of your business. Goal oriented posts are those that strive to get to a certain amount of sales, likes, or shares, so that you get a certain amount of ROI in return.

Do you want to know more about starting a localized Seattle social media campaign? Contact the experts at Rory Martin today to find out more, or to talk to one of our professional social media managers.


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