Seattle Social Media: Utilizing Your Social to Find Customers or Clients

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Most people think of social media as ‘advertising’ ‘a waste of time’, or even, ‘an unfortunate necessity’, but did you know that you can use your local Seattle social media to find customers and clients who are actually interested in what you have to sell? While traditional advertising such as paying Google to post ads, or even paying a website to post ads can be effective, the new SEO, and the new advertising can be best used through social. But how do you use social to find your customers and clients?

Build a Targeted Following

Whether you’re looking for local Seattle followers, or international followers from around the world, you have to make sure they are targeted. Anyone can go around and add hundreds of followers in the hopes that they add them back, but those followers aren’t likely to be interested or active on your page. Instead, you should engage in a variety of techniques designed to help build your followers with people who are actually interested in your business. Whether you’re on Twitter, Facebook, or any of a number of other social sites, you should first focus on having a number of followers. This makes you attractive to potential followers.

From there, you should search followers via keywords and then keep checking back to see if they have followed you back. As a rule, the more followers you have the more that will follow you without doing anything.  There are a variety of tools including Tweepi for Twitter, Buddy Media for Facebook, and a range of other websites can all be used to manage and follow or un-follow people.

Interact With Your Followers

Once you’ve got a following, you should concentrate on targeting and communicating with interested people. If you are planning on advertising and finding customers and clients via Facebook, it is more important that you decide how and when to add followers. Building a genuinely targeted following there is most important because you have no way to contact them other than via your feed and messaging system.

On Twitter, you can use hashtags to contact people looking for your services. For example, using #SeattleSocial in your hashtag on Twitter or Google + could target anyone looking for information or services on Social media in Seattle.

Make Sales or Find Clients

Making sales and clients via your social network is not always easy, and it’s not always a guaranteed method of sales. What you can do with your social is build interest by sharing your products and information in a way that appeals to your followers. Instead of just sharing your products, talk about them, ask questions; ask what people would like to see, show samples of your work, and interact with interested clients.

Retweeting and sharing similar products, or talking about how these products work together with your own can gain you a base of followers who like similar things, and being polite, informative, and helpful to people who contact you can help you as well.

While you might not get hundreds of customers from your Seattle social media strategy, you can certainly expect to find a few. A couple of things to keep in mind are that you should use semantic keywords in your posts, hashtags where applicable, and always make sure that your posts are public so that they can be found in search. Importantly, you will need a good social marketing plan, a good website or landing page, and products and services worth sharing. If your followers like what you share, they might just become your clients.


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