What Can a Local Seattle Social Media Marketing Team Do For You?

Social media is so common these days that you might brush it off as a trend, but, unfortunately for the non-social savvy, it’s quickly becoming an integral part of marketing. With the ability to generate nearly limitless revenue for the right kinds of companies, the capability to connect and bring businesses closer to their customers, and the easiest way to regulate and control brand web presence, social media is hard to ignore. If you live in the Puget Sound area, then a local Seattle social media marketing team is the only way to go, and here’s why.

Utilize Local Knowledge of Seattle Customers

The first and best thing that you get when you choose a localized Social Media team is local knowledge. Each area has its own social media trends and attitudes, and tapping into that helps with your social campaigns. For example, someone from New York would have no real way of knowing what hashtags local consumers use, what products or pages are currently doing well on the Seattle market, or which stories and content have gone viral on Seattle’s social media scene in the past. By hiring a localized marketing team, you tap into all of that, and take advantage of local knowledge for your company. From hyper-localized marketing trends, to a knowledge of competitors, to a knowledge of hashtags and hot content, localized means in-the-know about what’s happening in Seattle.

Easy to Get in Touch

Another great thing about working with a local marketing team right here in Seattle is that you won’t have to worry about not being able to get in touch whenever you want. Many businesses can and do outsource their social media management to the cheapest marketing team, often overseas, but this means complicated business hours,  and probably emailing rather than visiting an office or picking up the phone.

Integrated Marketing

What’s better than a social media plan that works around localized trends and media? A social media plan that works around your localized marketing as well. By working with a local team, you ensure that they have access to your other marketing team (or if you’re hiring Rory Martin we also do SEO, and other promotion), to offer you integrated marketing strategies that plan in traffic, sales, and social trends based on your marketing, promotion, and even include your offers to clients.

The best thing about hiring a local marketing team is that they understand the local market, so you can benefit from their knowledge, rather than having to tell them what you need. In our opinion, that’s what a marketing team should do. Best of all, if you have any questions, it’s easy to pick up the phone and make a call,

Want to know more about our localized Seattle social media marketing services? Contact Rory Martin today to talk to us about your marketing needs.


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