What Can Hyper Localization Do For Your Seattle SEO Campaign

Hyper localization, it’s the new big thing, the ‘next big SEO trend’, and the first SEO trend in 2014. Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand what it can do, especially not in terms of sales. After all, doesn’t decreasing your market demographic decrease sales, actually not really. The thing about hyper–localization is that it’s meant for small business who serve a local area.

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So What is Hyper Localization Anyway?

What is hyper localization? It’s the process of taking a ‘local’ Seattle SEO campaign and turning it into a ‘local’ single street or neighborhood campaign. So for example if you’ve been advertising yourself as a ‘Seattle business’, you can now advertise yourself as a ‘Lake Union’ business. The difference is that instead of marketing to someone who might be a twenty or thirty minute drive away, you’re mostly targeting people within a five to ten minute drive, and hopefully walking distance as well. You can probably guess that this isn’t the right strategy for everyone, but might be able to see that for small businesses, restaurants, and bakeries, it can be a godsend.

Benefits of Hyper Localized SEO

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Hyper-Localization Gives You In Depth Location Based Search Results

Targeting a very small and specific demographic has a number of pros and cons, but the cons are mostly only applicable to larger businesses. As a small cafe, you can benefit from hyper localized SEO by targeting the people near you to make more sales. You can also decrease your spending budget because you’re only spending money on a very small area. Most importantly, you’re actually more likely to make a sale because your target demographic doesn’t have to travel to see you. You’re right there and they can drop by at any time. Some of the most obvious benefits of hyper-localized SEO include the following:

• Less Keyword Competition
• More Interested Demographic
• Better Chances of a Repeat Sale
• Ability to Build a Community
• Relevance

Someone who looks up ‘baker on Broadway E’ is likely looking for somewhere to go pick up cupcakes. On the other hand, someone who looks up ‘baker Seattle’ is probably looking to see what options are available for a future order. So, in a way, hyper localization is a bit like using long-tails in that consumers are often searching relevant shops and stores where they can buy something, rather than researching their options.

Bakers on Broadway E.

Bakers on Broadway E.

Using Hyper Localization

Most social pages already engage in hyper localized SEO. For example, if you set up a small local business page on Facebook, you can put in your exact address, as well as your opening hours. Anyone who uses Facebook’s Graph search to look up ‘This sort of business in this area’ is going to find you. Google + also features this sort of optimization through Google Local Pages, but the difference is that you come up in Google search on the map as well, which can be a great deal more beneficial. While this is social media marketing rather than ‘SEO’, it can still do a lot for your local sales.

Hyper localized SEO is still catching on, but it also still has a ways to go. If you think you can benefit from this sort of SEO campaign, then why not try it out. Contact Rory Martin for a consultation on your localized Seattle SEO campaign.


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