5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing isn’t easy, if it were, the more than 40 million active small businesses quoted by Facebook would be significantly more prominent. Instead, it often requires a combination of time, patience, knowledge, and an understanding of your market demographic, which is something that small business owners don’t really have in large supply. If you’re trying to improve your social media marketing, these tips and strategies from local Seattle social media marketing firm, Rory Martin, should help.


Understand Your Demographic

Out of all of the advice you could ever get for your social media pages is that you have to post for your demographic and not for yourself. Understanding what your audience wants, what they want to see, and what they need can help you to create and drive successful social media campaigns. This is especially important if you’re marketing to a specific subset of people. For example, if you’re selling budget fashion geared towards students, then you want to find out what’s happening in local campuses and make your posts relevant to them. This is even more relevant if you provide a service, such as a student café. In this example, you could easily get inspiration and stay up to date by following the Washington University on Facebook. If you’re marketing to business persons like yourself, you could post things that you want to see, but otherwise, you have to aim for your demographic.

Create Content Themes

Content themes can help you with creating great posts and great content that works well together and works inside of a single theme to bring your pages together. You can create large plans for your entire year or period, and then break them down into smaller themes. For example, summer is coming up, and if you’re marketing to the same students used in the example above, themes of summer vacation could include topics on traveling home to see family, studying while away, or etc. and could easily tie into your products or services, while creating a page that is relevant, informative, and useful to students.

Use Variation

You never want to post the same things again and again. This will get boring to you and to your viewers. If you must share the same content more than once, make sure you post it at least a few days apart, and that you specifically mention that you posted it before. One important thing is that Facebook’s promotional options allow you to pay to promote posts so that they keep showing up, so you don’t have to keep posting the same links. Similarly, you want some variation in the types of content you post. Images, links, and videos are the most popular by far, but make sure that everything you put up isn’t a link or a photo.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Gary Vaynerchuk’s bestselling book on social media marketing  has one primary point, and it is one that most marketers knew all along. In order to reach your audience you have to reach them first, and then close a sale. His boxing terminology might make the whole point seem like you have to connect three times and then market, but it’s not quite so simple. Instead, you have to keep your audience consistently engaged, make sure that the majority of content on your page is not promotional, and occasionally following through on your connections with a sale or promotional post they would be interested in.

Crowdsource Ideas

You probably have a great team of people working for you and chances are, they’re closer to your market demographic than you are. Ask them for advice, feedback, and even ideas when you’re planning ideas.

Be Consistent, but Be Real

Seattle is home to nearly 653,000 people and most of them are millennials. As you may know, millennials value authenticity, consistency, and brand values that align with their own. Taking the time to develop brand values, and to ‘walk the talk’ by supporting local causes and events, can help you to build your audience, engagement, and brand value. Finally, you should also make sure that you’re posting consistently, at least once per day, during active user hours.

Social media is a lot of work, and it’s an entirely new skill for many people. If you want to boost your results to make your social media more worthwhile, hiring a professional social media manager is the right way to go. If you want to learn more, or want to know what a local Seattle social media marketing company can do for you, contact Rory Martin, or take a look at our whitepapers to see some of our past results.



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