How Custom E-Commerce Web Design Helps Build Sales and Grow Customers

The goal for any successful ecommerce store is usually to stand out from the competition in a way that makes consumers remember them. Unfortunately this is difficult or impossible to achieve with cookie cutter web themes from standard e-commerce platforms. If you want to truly stand out from the crowd you need custom web design that suits your platform, your customers, and your business.  If you’re considering hiring a Seattle web designer like Rory Martin to work on your website, here are five of the reasons for you to do so.

custom web design

  1. You Stand out from the Crowd – First and foremost, custom web design offers exactly that. Each e-commerce website designed by a Seattle web designer like Rory Martin is unique so that you do not blend in. If you go on a competitors page you will not see similar designs, and you will not see the same theme or platform. If you want, you can also incorporate unique ideas or functions into your website to make it stand out even more.
  2. Your Website Reflects Your Brand – Custom website design allows you to build the style, theme, and colors of your website based on your brand. This means incorporating the colors from your logo into the site or creating a brandable website that people will remember. Marketing is all about branding and your website is usually one of your biggest online branding assets. By making it memorable and making it about you rather than using random color and design, you can help people to remember you.
  3. Your Website is SEO Friendly – Did you know that having unique html on the back end of your site can actually benefit your SEO? While it won’t cause you to skyrocket to the top of search if you haven’t been working on optimizing your content and merchandise, it does help you to come up above competitors who still use cookie cutter themes.  Offering unique and quality content always benefits your site, and unique web design is part of this.
  4. You Get What You Need – If you use a theme then you never quite get exactly what you need. You might make a sacrifice here or there on a feature, style, or idea that you had and then never get to see exactly what you wanted. When you choose custom e-commerce web design, you get exactly what you want within the realm of site possibilities. Want a custom contact form that allows people to place wholesale orders based on number, color and style? You can have it. You can also choose to add in instant chat or whatever else you like. Just remember to talk with your web designer before automatically assuming it comes included.
  5. Your Website is Flexible – Last but not least, custom web design allows you to change, update, and add new things whenever you need them. You don’t have to rely on what you already have because you can always have your web designer work with your site to improve it at any time.

There are plenty more reasons to hire a web designer to build your site from scratch, but by now you probably get the gist of why it can help. Check our Seattle web design services to learn more about how we can help you.


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  1. Yes,I agree with all the 5 points. Well explained !! By creating attractive website design and by posting unique quality content brings more visitors to our website and it also helps to be ahead of our competitors. Keep up posting this kind of content!!

  2. The qualities which should be present in a complete website have been mentioned which is a plus point about this post. Before making a website one must read this post to be successful.

  3. Its a wonderful and informative post. Custom ecommerce software helps a lot to customize products and update new products with a user friendly software like Magento, Oscommerce. Thanks!

  4. Ydeveloper says:

    There are many ecommerce platforms, yahoo store, amazon webstore, ebay store etc. are available to create an ecommerce store but they aren’t fully customized so their limitation of feature and function will limit you to reach more customers and ultimately resulted in lower profit that you can earn from using customized ecommerce platform. The e-Smart eCommerce Suite is best example of custom ecommerce solution.

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