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We’ve heard a lot about the hip new startup, Sevenly, that provides users with an easy and efficient way to make a difference in the global community.  What we like about Sevenly is that their web design offers a strong call to action, content that is presented in a way that’s easy for users to digest, and places a focus on how users can give back to their community.  Sevenly CEO, Dale Partridge says, “In today’s world, if you aren’t constantly improving your website… you’re falling behind… We listen to our customers and figure out what they want and what would make the process of supporting our causes easier…”

The site makes sure to include an in-depth explanation of what they do and how they donate their funds.  They also offer cause statistics, and highlight how Sevenly users have contributed to their charity partners.  Sevenly’s users are encouraged to support campaigns by both making donations and promoting the cause through social media.  The new site design is committed to building awareness, finding funding, and building a following.

The design is heavy on imagery, light on text and highly graphic for impact.  It focuses on numbers, statistics and charts to show each user how they’re helping the community.   They also have full Facebook integration, allowing users to comment and share their own stories.

We liked the way the site was focused on user engagement.  As businesses start to use Facebook more, we feel it’s important to remember that Facebook should be a social media tool, but it shouldn’t be the ultimate landing page for clients or users looking to find out more about your brand.  It’s important to have an engaging corporate page, where users can go to ultimately connect with your business.  We give Sevenly’s site an A+.

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