Five Things a Great Web Developer Will Offer Your Seattle Business

If you are planning on hiring a Seattle web designer to work with your website then you have to know that you are getting the best services for your money. Anyone can mock up a website using a WordPress template, but what you need is a truly beautiful and unique website. Finding a web developer in Seattle who provides that isn’t always easy, but the following tips can help you find someone who will suit your needs and create the website of your dreams.


While it might not sound like the most important thing for your Seattle web designer, a courteous professional tells you several things. The first is that this web designer respects you meaning that they are more likely to pay attention to your wants and needs, and therefore create a website that you actually love. The second is also a direct result of respect, you are more likely to get the value or more than the value of what you have paid. If you want a beautiful website from someone who paid attention to what you want, then courtesy, professionalism, and politeness are the first things to look for.

A Strong Portfolio

You don’t want to hire just anyone to do your Seattle website, so don’t hire anyone without a portfolio. A good portfolio includes a range of different websites that you can see screenshots of, and visit the links. What you want to look for is variety, versatility, and of course, beautiful designs. Remember to look at the portfolio, note things you do and do not like about each design, and discuss them with your web designer before having them begin to create your website. This lets the designer know exactly what type of website you like, or don’t like.

A Strong Grasp of Graphic Design

You can notice this on the Seattle web designer’s web page as well as in their portfolio. Graphic design is about color, use of space, use of content, and placement. If the person designing the website does not have a strong grasp of these elements then your website will not utilize each bit of space to its best advantage. Everything from color, to font, to empty space will affect how people perceive your site so you want to use each element to its best advantage.


While it might be annoying to answer hundreds of questions, a good web designer will do just that. Rather than just reading your bio and looking at your pages, a real Seattle web designer should ask you about your personal beliefs, your company motto, how you want to be presented, and why you got started as a business. There are many questions that can be asked by a web designer, but usually the more the better.

Professionalism and Services

Last but not least, you want to look for a professional attitude and great services. Look for companies that offer strict deadlines, have great reviews, and the services you need. Some web designers can purchase and register a domain to set up your entire website from scratch, others won’t bother with this so you should look around to see who offers the services you need. If they site does purchase the domain for you, make sure it is in your name so that you can move the site at a later date if you like. Some great services you can look for include web design, web hosting, programming, SEO (to rank your site later), and any website specialties such as e-commerce, blogging, landing pages, or email marketing design.

No matter which Seattle web developer you choose, make sure they have the skills and the services to create a truly brilliant website.


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