Five Tips for Working with your Seattle Web Design Team

You’ve looked around, done the research, and finally come up with the perfect Seattle web designer to create your website. But now that you’re ready to make the hire, you have to decide how to work with the designer. Many people go in with no idea of what is okay or not okay, but the following includes a rough guide. The following include five tips for getting through your web design process as easily as possible.


Decide What You Want First

One thing that a lot of people do when going into building their website is ask for multiple mockups or designs right from the start. While this may be a good idea for you to see which you like better, it’s not the best thing for the designer. Instead of asking for two designs, try deciding what you want first and allowing you team to put all of their energy into one fabulous website rather than splitting their energy on something you won’t even use. You can always ask for updates later.

Ensure Your Website Designer Knows You

Did you know that most website designers create sites based on your business and not just the fact that you have a business? Ensuring that your designer is aware of your target demographic, your business ethic, your name, preferred colors, and other factors that influence your sales also ensures that your website will be designed for you. Because there are so many ways these factors can influence your sales, you have to ensure that your website designer knows them from the start.

Work With Your Web Designer

It is always important to work with your web developer. Talk to them, ask to see designs in progress, and if at all possible, get involved. Stages where you can work with your designer include concept and design (you can create mood boards, outline what you want, and even help with initial sketches), creation (you can help test), and of course, get involved with the final design to ensure that the site is exactly what you want.

Avoid Overworking

You do want to give your Seattle developers your input to ensure that you get a quality design that suits your needs. What you don’t want to do is nitpick and overwork the design until it is quite literally shoddy. No design will ever be absolutely perfect so keep that in mind when you’re tempted to ‘move this two pixels to the right’, or ‘change that pink to a salmon’, for the tenth time. Check the design, study it, and then carefully make a few changes that work once rather than redoing them dozens of times. Your site will look better for it.

Don’t Rush

It can be tempting to send your web designer 20 emails asking when the site will be finished but the truth is that you should sit back and relax. Ask your designer for a fixed due date and then leave them to do the rest. While it might be nicer to have your website sooner, rushing the processes will only result in a second-rate website that you don’t love. Quality takes time, so just sit back and leave your designers to do their job.


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