Five Web Design Elements E-Commerce Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Ignore

If you’re in the business of e-commerce then your website is your biggest advantage. Whether you choose to work with Seattle web design companies like Rory Martin, or to attempt to do everything yourself, you have to know what works in an e-commerce site, and what sends people running. E-commerce is all about conversion which means your site has to load quickly, use converting text, and have plenty of easy to view and load images. You can also choose to use an e-commerce platform like ZenCart or a big e-commerce manager like Big Commerce, but your web design elements matter as well. Here are five elements that your Seattle web designer should be including in your website, and why.

Social and Email Integration

Today is a world of social and if yours is not integrated into your site, you might be missing out on one of your biggest marketing opportunities. Try integrating an email signup box offering a small 5-15% discount on either a single product or a purchase over a certain amount of money. You do not want to choose anything that would make you lose money, but you do want it to be enough to act as an incentive for signing up or liking you on your social. Include a Facebook ‘likes’ box, and allow people to easily follow you on Twitter. You can then utilize email, and social account to share special deals and sales, as well as to drive attention towards new products which is essentially free advertisement.

Efficient Search Options

Some ecommerce websites convert as much as 16% of their traffic into sales. Others only convert 1 to 4%. While there are a lot of variables involved in the difference, one of the biggest is an efficient search bar. If your customers cannot find what they are looking for, they cannot make a purchase. Including a sophisticated search bar in your website and then properly tagging all of your products can make a huge difference to your sales conversion.


While it is true that reviews can be a bit double edged at times, most experts agree that you are better off including them. Try including the option to review an item, and then send a reminding email after the item has been confirmed as delivered. Many people are more likely to purchase an item if it has reviews, even if those reviews aren’t always five-star. In fact, having 3, 4, and 5 star reviews is more likely to sell a product than having only 5 star reviews because it looks more real.

Include Chat

If you don’t have the time to run and manage, or to pay someone, to manage a chat service, then you might want to do without. However, a study in 2012 showed that 76% of customers feel better about purchasing a high value item if they could chat about the product first. If you have your Seattle web designers integrate chat make sure that it is not offensive and does not pop up automatically, and make sure that someone who knows about your products is running it.

One Page Checkout

While it is true that many websites do require you to go through five or more pages before reaching checkout, you can convert as much as 20% more sales if you offer one page checkout. In fact, by simply not requiring your users to sign up, (no registration before sales) you can increase conversion by 23%! Make sure your checkout options are as fast and easy as possible in order to convert the most sales! What does your Seattle web design include? If it doesn’t include any of these important elements, you might want to consider hiring someone to add them in for you! The right website can increase your sales and conversion up from that low 1-4% and into the top of the charts at 16% or higher!


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