Five Things You Should Consider Before You Hire a Seattle Website Designer

If you’re considering hiring a Seattle website designer then your first step should be to sit down and brainstorm. While you don’t have to know exactly what you want when you hire your web designer, it does help to have a good idea of what you need. If you have no idea, a good web designer will still be able to help you but it will take a little longer. Here are a couple of things you can think about before you make the hire.

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Your Budget – If you don’t know what your budget is then you can’t hire anyone. Consider how much you can logically afford to spend on web development, design, and launch. If your web designer also offers SEO and Social for your launch, consider how much you can afford for that as well. Consolidating your budget can still save you a lot of money but you definitely want to know how much you can afford to spend.

Who You Are – While this might sound silly, you have to know who you are before you design your website. Whether as an individual or as a company, you have to be able to put down your style, your policies, and even your attitude on paper so that a designer can work your personality into your website. Part of this is deciding your business policy.

What You Need – What do you need in a website?  For example if you’re a restaurant owner then you probably need interactive menus, a stylish but polished design, and maybe a forum for leaving reviews. On the other hand if you sell shoes then you need a fully functioning e-commerce website with size, color, and probably even shipping options. Depending on the exact type of your business you could need entirely different websites. For example an automotive web shop is different from a shoe shop. Take some time to consider what you think your website needs in order to function properly.

seattle website designer

Time Frame – How quickly do you need a website? If you need to launch quickly then your best bet might be to hire a website designer who can work well with templates so that your website goes up more quickly. If you can take your time and prefer something more unique, going custom is always a better option. You could also have a template put up and then switch to a custom design later. Telling your web designer your expected launch date can help a great deal with planning so that you get your site when you need it.

What You Want – Last but not least, you should consider what you want. If you have no idea, consider poking around your competitors websites and see what you like and don’t like. You won’t ever be copying items from their pages, but you can get a pretty good idea of what you dislike so that you won’t have anything similar on your website. Likewise, you can make a list of features, colors, and styles that you do like to help your website designer bring something that you love to life.

Hiring a great Seattle website designer is just one part of launching your website. Luckily, while you will have a part to play in the form of deciding on colors, styles, and features, your designer will do most of the work for you.



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