WordPress vs Joomla: Choosing a CMS Based on Your Website Needs

If you’re looking for a Seattle web designer then one of the first things you should be considering is which CMS you should be using. For most, the decision is as simple as looking at the features offered by WordPress and Joomla and then choosing one that suits your business based on performance, capabilities, and options.  For the most part your Seattle designers at Rory Martin will be able to tell you what will and will not work for your site, but this guide can help you to see the advantages of each CMS for yourself.

wordpress vs joomla

First a bit about CMS

Before you get choose between WordPress and Joomla, you might want to take a minute and learn a little bit about CMS. A CMS or Content Management System is used for publishing, managing, and editing the content created by your Seattle web designer. Most of the time a CMS is much easier to learn and to use then by doing the same tasks by modifying code via the hosting end of the website. WordPress is currently the most popular CMS but Joomla is also quite popular. Both are suited to slightly different types of sites and the following information should tell you why.


WordPress was founded in 2003 and has since become the most popular CMS on the planet. The site functions as a free blogging application as well as a website CMS and is the single best CMS choice for bloggers who want a website. WordPress can be moved from server to server relatively easily, can be used for simplistic or intricate websites, and can be used to host single page or thousand page sites depending on your needs. Contrary to popular belief, WordPress does not necessarily have to be a blog website as it can be used to create solely static pages.  You can see a WordPress website in action by visiting Time Magazine online. The benefits of WordPress include:

  • CSS Theme Design which is easy to edit and modify
  • Low learning curve
  • Thousands of Useful Plugins
  • Built in Blogging Interface
  • Can be Used as a Web Forum
  • Can include static pages and blog posts
  • Works excellently for e-commerce sites



Joomla was founded in 2005 and currently controls about 8% of the CMS market. The platform features  a steeper learning curve than WordPress but most experts say that it is better for designing complex websites with multiple pages, but no blog.  Joomla is perfect for large complex systems and in fact, eBay uses Joomla for their employee social portal. Joomla offers about 6,000 extension models which is about half the number offered by WordPress, but still quite a lot of tweaks and options.  Joomla is highly customizable but requires more knowledge of code and technical tweaks than WordPress which is why fewer people use it. Visit iHop’s website or Linux.com to see a Joomla website in action.

Joomla vs. WordPress

Choosing between Joomla and WordPress is not quite as simple as saying ‘pick one’. For the most part, any blogging website can greatly benefit from using WordPress. With built in blogging functions, an easy to use CMS, and plenty of adons and options for SEO, it’s a great choice. WordPress is also easily customizable, great for adding plugins and social, and relatively easy to learn from the ground up.

Joomla is excellent for anyone who wants a more complex website with different features. Options including e-commerce sites without a blog, business websites, and unique websites with in-site functions all work well with Joomla.

Want to know more about the differences between Joomla and WordPress? You can discuss your website needs with your Seattle web designer and then work with us to choose a CMS that works for you.


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