Mobile Is Taking Over the Web – Are You Ready?

If you’ve ever stopped for a moment to look up a website, store, or restaurant on your phone or tablet, then you’re not alone. Statistics show that more and more consumers are using their mobile phone to research and purchase items online, while websites aren’t really catching up to the trend. In fact, a study in early 2013 shows that 51% of people are more willing to make a purchase from a site with mobile optimized content, but only about 4.8% of applicable sites actually have mobile optimization. With this in mind, jumping on the mobile bandwagon could benefit you more than you might think.  Mobile web development services are often more affordable than original website creation, and you can likely use most of your original web design.

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Mobile Search to Surpass PC Search by 2014

Experts in mobile and standard search have been saying it since 2011, and are still saying it now in 2013. Mobile Search is expected to surpass computer based searches by 2014, even if it is as little as 1%. Currently consumer based searches on mobiles are at 41% compared to 59% on computers, meaning that mobile doesn’t have too far to catch up. Combined with the eye opening stats on purchases and research, going mobile could be very important for your site.

What is a Mobile Website?

So what is a mobile website? Chances are if you’ve ever taken a moment to research something on the web and you came across an impossibly small website with floating social share buttons in the way, or popup ads that were impossible to close, then your immediate response was to leave. Chances are that this site looked great on a web browser, but on your phone, it’s almost impossible to read.

A mobile website is one that has been designed with mobile use in mind. Typically there are no sidebars and are optimized for smaller screens with single row wider text that can be read more easily. Ads, if any, should be inserted between lines of text rather than on the side, and anything that floats should typically be removed.

If you aren’t sure how to go about creating a mobile website for your site, you can check with a web developer and ask about using canonical URLs to ensure there is no duplicate content on your site.

Is Mobile Optimization Right For You?

While only about 4.8% of websites have mobile optimized pages, mobile optimization isn’t for everyone. Not every site can benefit from utilizing mobile search, so it is always important to look into the facts before spending your time and money. Popular tools such as How to Go Mobile can be used to calculate how much each mobile click is worth to you, so that you can decide whether or not optimizing for mobile use is good for you. For example, a study by Adidas showed that every mobile search was worth $3.60 because 1 in 5 searchers ended up as a customer.


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