Seattle Web Design Trends in 2013 and Why You Should be Paying Attention

The internet has become an exciting and highly competitive world of business and industry, with many companies competing together for customers. While product and customer reviews are typically the definite decision maker for most, quality of web design typically plays a huge part in user opinion and in final sale. Ecommerce web design is more important than ever, even for businesses that offer services as well as products. For example, many real estate brokers have websites, but very few of them have unique and beautiful websites and as a result, the ones who have invested in quality web design tend to look more appealing to people searching online for their broker. This is a list of the top five trends in Seattle web design for 2013, including information about why you should pay attention, and consider integrating it into your business website.

Seattle web design trends 2013

Simplicity – One of the most visible web design trends of 2013 is actually simplicity. Web designers everywhere have been pairing down colors and imagery to create a simple web design that is easy on the eyes. Why? Because simple web design focuses on content and quality rather than gimmicks, bells, or whistles. Most web surfers have seen plenty of websites and typically simple ones win hands down in polls. What else? A simple website puts the focus on your product or service rather than distracting visitors. While there are plenty of complex websites that can do the same, simplicity does it very well. Last but not least, simple websites load faster, meaning that your customers see your content sooner.

Mobile Friendly – The world is going mobile with the sales of tablets expected to increase by 40% or more within the next year. As it is, statistics indicate that mobile search drives about 17-25% of the web, which means they really are a big deal. Mobile friendly websites are an increasing trend, especially since mobile searches and sales are rapidly growing. Unfortunately if your site is not mobile friendly, you should definitely consider hiring a web designer to help as soon as possible.

Big & Bold – From big photos to big, bold, and blocky text, bold is all the rage in Seattle web design right now. From e-commerce to restaurant websites, large photos add depth, intrigue, and attract customers with visual imagery. Larger text and bolder designs attract the eye as well, but only if designed carefully and with minimalistic and simple web content.

Strong Minimalistic Content – Strong content with eye catching designs, minimalistic but well written text, and well-designed pages are the biggest and most influential trends in Seattle web design this year. Essentially it’s all about saying more with less, which means attracting more attention while putting less effort into doing so. This requires the use of simplistic but strong ideas and themes such as incorporating color and style to communicate a company’s ideals.

Blogs – Blogs are suddenly more prevalent than ever before, especially on business and ecommerce websites. Google, the major search engine, has indicated time and time again that a good blog can be an invaluable resource to a website for SEO and sales reasons. Currently blog reviews are driving some 40% of final sales decisions, and properly optimized blog posts can bring a flood of traffic to a site. However, the best blogs are those that are fully integrated into a site so that not only do they bring traffic, but also lead it directly to point of sale.

One of the most promising trends in Seattle web design is that designing websites is actually becoming art. Graphic designers and experts are now making beautiful, user friendly, and content specific sites rather than plain, run of the mill, and cheap sites. If you have a website with each of these trends present in your design then you have a work of art that is sure to convert and bring in traffic.



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