Seattle Web Design – Why A Unique Website?

If you’re getting ready to hire a Seattle web designer, then you’re probably asking a lot of questions. This article is about one important question that is bound to come up in any web design conversation. Why would you need a unique website? A unique website is a custom site designed around your needs, ideas, and values. usually created by either a web designer or a web developer. In either case, you can choose to use the website with an existing content management system or have a web developer design something around your needs. The following include several reasons why a unique website benefits you as a business.


Custom Websites Stand Out

Having a website that stands out is especially important if you have a number of local competitors, or a number of competitors who deliver affordably in the Seattle area. If you use a theme, then you run a certain risk of blending in with hundreds of other websites that your users and target audience probably visits on a daily or monthly basis. If your site looks the same, you won’t stand out. Because one of the main rules of marketing is to be memorable, you can probably understand why standing out, especially on the web where there are so many options, is beneficial to you. If you use a template, no matter how convenient, your website will still look like a thousand other websites. In fact, most of the popular free themes have 3,000 or more downloads, while themes that run around $50 per, usually already have several hundred.

A Custom Design Is Flexible

If you want a specific menu, banners in certain places, your graphics to be a specific size, or your shop to display images in a certain way, then you need a custom design. Unfortunately, themes are made to other people’s specifications, which means, not to yours. If you want something to suit you perfectly, then it has to be custom made.

You Can Still Use Your Favorite CMS

If you have your heart set on using Joomla, Drupal, or Wordpress with your website, don’t worry, you still can with a custom theme. In fact, it’s actually the most affordable way to go. You simply pay someone to design you a custom theme for that CMS, they set it up for you, and then you continue to use the back end of the site that you are familiar with. In fact, many major websites like CNN use custom themes with a CMS. CNN uses Wordpress.

While custom websites are flexible, easy, and great for marketing, they aren’t always the only option. It’s easy to use a theme and make it your own with the right graphics, just make sure that they are the right ones. However, there are a lot of benefits to custom sites, and you shouldn’t discount them entirely based on cost. If you’re not sure, consider having a discussion with a local Seattle web designer to talk about what’s popular, what works, and what you need.


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