Seattle Web Development Tips: Planning Web Content for Your Consumers

Web Design is a Multi-Step process that takes a lot of work from every member of the team or party, but one thing that is often easy to overlook is that the end result is aimed not at the person paying for the site, but at their customers. While this is easy to forget in the hustle of trying to make something that is appealing to you, it’s important to remember that customers come first, even with web content. So, how do you plan and design for your users rather than yourself?

Listen to Your Design Team

First and foremost, you probably hired your web developers because they’re experts, so, listen to them. Chances are that your web developers have designed a site or two and know what’s successful and what’s not. If you’re choosing a full service web developer like Rory Martin that also offers extras like social and marketing then they have an even better idea of what goes over well with consumers. When in doubt, listen to your developers, unless you absolutely hate the idea.

Take a Look at Your Competitors

While you don’t want your site to look anything like the competition, you do want to know what factors they have that make the site appealing to customers. Consider checking the layout, any apps, social integrating, blogging, or whatever else happens to be on the site to see what they do to make it more interactive and user friendly. Just remember that you don’t want to steal any ideas because you still want your site to be unique.

Consider Asking

If you already have a social site then you could actually get some great ideas by putting up a poll. Ask your consumers what features they would like to see, what is an absolute must, or even what features they hate about websites. Their answers might give you some great insight on what to do and what not to do on your site. If you don’t already have a fanbase don’t worry as your web developers have most likely already been through this a time or two with their own consumers.

Think Like a Consumer

Last but not least, if you want to make sure your web content goes over well with your users then you have to try to think like one. Decide which features you would like to see if you were buying your products or services, and if you already have a demo of the site, try it out without thinking of it as yours. Most people want a fast, easy to navigate site that offers the bare minimum of functions in order to work without being overly slow or confusing. Your exact demographic may want something different so try to think like a consumer to make a website for yours.
At the end of the day you want to aim for usability so keep that in mind when making plans for your website. While it is still important that you like your website, it is more important that your customers like your website, because they make you money.


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